You Underestimate the Power of The Dark Side

Facebook finally got there act together and trending topics are working. #hashtags are also working properly now. It’s a big deal you know especially when your circle of friends frequent the site. 

From time to time it seems your entire list of friends take part on specific surveys or questionnaires based on a favorite movies or TV shows. Todays: which Star Wars character are you. After about 14 questions I was given the dark lord Darth Vader. 

It did not surprise me. I answered all the questions to the best of my knowledge with out suger coating or being to pc on any part of it. Pretty much the way I like to live my life. I also find the list of people that would agree with that is getting longer. 

I think for the last couple of years I have tried my best to stray away from the dark reputation that being in the service. Specifically in the Marine Corps has left me. I notice how people react to me if they find me disagreeing with something in the least. That’s not with it’s own frustrations. 

I know something inside me has changed since becoming a father and I suppose those that see me for who I am now and not necessarily what I was like in the past is going to have the pleasure or curse of knowing me for a long time to come. To the rest I warn “you underestimate the power of the dark side!” 


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