Rise and shine, is it 4:30 yet…..?

it’s 10 at night and I’m still after started this day quite early. I’m afraid tomorrow will be an even earlier start.

I had quite a day. It kicked off with a nice run around my neighborhood. I kicked off off my run just a few minutes after 6:30 am. Tomorrow I hope to step off by 4:30 am.

Tomorrow I’ll have a running partner, which should make the 20 miles easier to bear. It definitely got me thinking about this mornings run. It was 7:30 before I ran across the first person. When I finally did, I said good morning. I was a bit confused about the smile I received since it was what I thought kind of in a mocking manner.

They were glad about my almost having been run over. Or perhaps relieved. Either way I couldn’t help but wonder about #megsmiles it’s the reason many more people were up and running early on a Saturday morning. Her time on this planet ended by a drunk driver.

I felt a deep sense of loss with out ever having met her. My heart nearly stops every time I have a close call. The thought of her fear right before impact was terrifying. I wondered how her time was between impact and ultimately losing her life.

My heart goes out to her family. Husband and to her 3 children left behind.

So be careful my friends and keep running but be mindful because you can’t win a battle with a car. Enjoy your run but look up and make eye contact with drivers when ever you can.



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