Use your Damn blinker

Today was day 55. I ran 3 miles. 9:43 average pace. I can not believe how great I felt considering that I’m still technically in recovery for my  31 miles between Saturday and Sunday.

I ran one yesterday but of course just 1 mile to recover.

I can’t believe that I still manage to get a run in this evening despite the pressures/stress of my day.  ( I’ll be the first to admit that I really can’t complain about my day)

The rest of the country is buried under snow but I’m sitting just miles from the beach on a gorgeous, gorgeous day.  Yet I spent  a total of 5 hours behind the wheel and stuck in traffic for various reasons. Poor planning on my part I know but still just as important.

So good night on this weird Monday/Tuesday combo we dealt with today. Tomorrow has to be better.

Did you have “Traffic” today? Also if so what are some tips you may have for dealing with the time spent in traffic?


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