Dear Proctor and Gamble, Where are all the dads?

For those of you reading this blog for a while. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a stay at home dad. I’m back to work part time and loving my time in the work force as well as appreciating the flexibility of spending the bulk of my day with my children.

My wife and I are a partnership in every aspect of the word. Yet if you want to get technical she is the primary source of income for our family. That said: I’m the one at the grocery store actually buying the bread and everything else we might need in our home. Today for example it meant baby formula and OJ among other things.

I absolutely love this blog post I came across because this was exactly my thought when I saw this ad and similar ads before the 2012 summer olympics. “Where are all the Dads?” I for one think G is an amazing Mom but she’ll be the first to give me kudos for a job I don’t ever hesitate in diving head first into. I also know so many fathers that have really embraced fatherhood.

Now I don’t need an ad to honor me or other fathers I know but I would hope that taking on that job stops being mommy duty and is just regarded as great parenting regardless of sex. What are your thoughts on the subject. Yes I agree #thankyoumom but I believe #thankyoudad is just as necessary. Especially when unfortunately it almost takes being a little stubborn to fully take on the job.

rogue cheerios

17 days until the Winter Olympics begin.

Several weeks ago, I saw murmurs about this Proctor and Gamble Sochi ’14 ad. I ignored them.  As we get closer to the lighting of the torch, however, this ad will start making the rounds:

This ad is a follow-up to an earlier P&G campaign during the London summer olympics in 2012. A brief skim of tweets using the hashtag #ThankYouMom, I see the ad is getting great reviews. People called it great advertising. They’re calling it a tearjerker.  I didn’t like that one either. I ranted about their ad over a year ago.

But I KNEW that I would just hate the ad when my husband came home last week and asked me if I’d seen it. I told him that I hadn’t and asked him if it was more of the same.

He surprised me with his review. He told me that…

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