We were all young and dumb

The country was overwhelmed with talk of bieber fever today. This young man was caught being an idiot and as a country we stood still to watch what was going to happen. First I’m sure he’s not the first “kid” caught doing this exact thing. The only difference is that the car he was doing it in was probably 200K more than the norm. Secondly are disgusted at the mug shot. He’s literally laughing at everyone he knows is watching or clicking through on links on just about every medium today. I do realize I’ve now put him on my blog but I have to write down what I think even when not the popular opinion.

I don’t think for one minute that this kid is as tough as he wants us to believe he is. I am aware that everyone has there own struggle and that you can’t compare apple and oranges but I can’t imagine living in that mansion is a struggle that would forge him into stone. I agree with the few souls that have mentioned it seems more like a publicity stunt. I mean when all things are considered the $2500 set for bail translates into very inexpensive publicity. I really doubt that he’ll do any real jail time as it’s his first offense. Instead he could “flip” this into so many opportunities.

Well that’s my two cents on the Biebs. What do you think is really going on in his mind? How does this compare to you at 19-20?



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