Even your breathing is a bit of a tune


I thought the only way to write a post on how I feel about Music is while listening to some of my favorite tunes.

So queue the Spotify and off we go. I think the best way to describe what I listen to is everything. Yet I see how it’s impossible to really make any type of argument for what that means. I guess there’s some genre I prefer over the other but as I look through my feed. I can’t really get a great feel for it because I think it’s only in the order in which I’ve added music.

I switch over to iTunes. I figure any music there I’ve gone out of my way to purchase so if I did at one point it must have meant something right. Each song just had to. See for me it’s like a moment in time frozen in a picture. That is what music does for me. It transports me back to either the first time or another memorable time I heard that specific song.

I have to add that I listen to soo much music. As you know I run. I run a lot (incidentally today is day 60 of my #runstreak I thought 12 miles was a good way to mark that milestone) and unless I’m running with a partner or an official race I’m running with music in my ear. I also listened to music back in 2003 when traveling across the desert in Iraq. It was early March but even Christmas music made the cut. Sinatra was also a staple. I can’t even begin to explain how much music has been there all the years in between.

Often times I hit shuffle on my iTunes and I know it’s not the most popular music but like mentioned before it takes me back. Any specific song take you back? Or what times in your life absolutely require music?

Here are the first 3 songs to play tonight when shuffle is hit:

Right off the bat iTunes know I need to here some Sinatra to relax after a long day. “The way you look tonight” I thought after 12 miles the only way to make it a better Sunday was to take the family to six flags. I’m sure that’s another 5 miles of hiking(walking) around the park. Worst of all after almost two months of no rain in SoCal we get our first rain of the year. Yes I know some will argue we need it but did it have to happen today. So Frank takes me back to a much calmer time in my life when I thought grown ups had there lives figured out and a drink was not self medicating. I also love this song because it was in one of the very first RomComs I watched with the wife “My Best Friends Wedding”.

Next song comes on and I hear the words “I give her all my love, that’s all I do” Yes The Beatles. I don’t think there’s anyone out there with internet access to read this that hasn’t heard of The Beatles and I’ll go further to say that everyone also has a favorite Beatles song they love. I suppose with the younger generation they may just not know who they’re listening too. Like my generation loving the them song to Married w/ Children and not realizing they were listening to Ol’ Blue Eyes(Sinatra).

Third and last(just because I could keep going on and on about this and these post I imagine shouldn’t get too crazy. The Carpenters “They long to be, Close to you”. This you might think is an old addition to my list but first I’m not THAT old. Secondly I heart it on an episode of “How’s of Lies” The version on the show was done in a very thoughful way and nothing like the version I now listen to regularly but nevertheless it led me to the Carpenters. Surely I had been missing out but no more.

Now the music will play on but in just about 13 minutes my mood has completely changed and well. What else in your life can you say does that for you. I can’t right now but maybe I can update this post soon w/ links to the youtube videos of these specific songs. I want to know how many other folks like these? If you haven’t read the about page yet how old do you think I am?



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