Reading is continuous in this household

I’m just about done w/ my 3rd book of the year. I had challenged myself with reading 25 books for the year. I figured that was 2 a month with a 3rd thrown in somewhere in there. I figured if I got the jump on it in January I could manage before I felt burned out about it. I’m now considering squeezing in a 4th book this month. See what I’ve been doing is figuring out how many pages a book has and then dividing that # by 7 ensuring I read it with in the week. At that pace I could more than double what my goal was. Now do you think that goal is too ambitious? Should I stick to 2 or 3 a month and perhaps take the last week of the month off to do other things besides reading because I think I’ve literally been reading any free moment I’ve had when not working(or running).

That said I guess what’s really bothering me is the struggle that getting my son to read is becoming. I suppose he does read the occasional book but nothing at the pace in which he used to devour them. I have been trying different methods but then wonder if it’s going to cause more harm than actually help. You see his bed time is at 8. I’ve promised an extra 10 minutes on top of that if he makes MY bed, (as a daily chore). an extra 5 when he takes down the trash and a min per page of reading with a maximum 30 pgs earned. So he has the control of his bedtime and can potentially stay up until 8:45 which I think is not too bad and he’s reading quite a bit more. Fast forward to tonight and my son was in bed by 8. He clearly was either exhausted from Monday.

I’d appreciate any other methods you may have used. Now back to MY book.


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