Quality not quantity of miles make for a good race

I ran 3 miles last night. The schedule said 4mi. Since I’d ran the 12 mi the day before I told myself it would be OK. Today I needed to get back out there. I’m on day 62 and all I could do, is one tonight.

I think I couldn’t have gone much farther, just because I planned for a mile. I’ve been running for years now and well it still amazes me how I can go as far as I think I can go.

I still made this 1 mile hurt. When my mile was done it was 6:37 a mile pace.

There are only 38 days left before the la marathon. I will be stepping up to the start line for the 5th time and as it gets closer I have to really test myself/training. I want to deal with the usual doubts before I have to try and best my time from last year.

Anyone else running the LA Marathon? If not racing here in beautiful So Cal where are you racing?




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