“Have you met Ted?”

This weeks episode of “how I met your mother” was the 200th episode. In celebration there was special title credits and the name was “how your mother met me”. The first scene sent us back to September 2005. I knew exactly where we were when this episode aired. My wife was about 7 months pregnant and just a little over a month later we met our little boy. Obviously we always related to the Marshall & Lily characters on the show. Having been together since earlier than they were. They only met in college we were high school sweethearts.

Of course as is always the case with these TV shows there is a little of all of us in all the characters and I assume when the writers decide who will featured on any given episode that’s who we can relate with. From Ted and his quest to find his true love and the problems that come with finding yourself while being the person someone else will want. Barnie the perpetually “single” “best” friend that claims to not want to settle down but does hang on to friends in relationships because who doesn’t want someone to share their life with regardless of the difficulties that come with that. Lets not even get into “introducing new characters” (children).

Last season on the very last episode we finally caught a glimpse of “mom” after about 8 years of waiting to meet her. Everyone thought it was kind of a let down and not a bright way of setting that up but I couldn’t disagree more. Instead of introducing her on the last episode of the last season which really would have been like driving our “bus” into a wall. They instead let us see her and then let us all think about her all summer until we finally met her and I swear I was skeptical of how she would fit into the is awesome group of friends. After all the last addition always seemed to be somewhat of an outsider no matter what. (sherbotzky). She was Ted’s ex. Lili’s friend (so Marshall’s by default) and now ultimately Barney’s wife.

This entire season we’ve fallen for her a little bit at a time and tonight as I watched this weeks episode she surely play her ukelele into everyone’s heart. I for one couldn’t help to think about when I fell in love with my wife and as cheesy as it sounds it was right around the first time I laid eyes on her. It was only natural then that the writes would place Ted right next to her to listen to her sing. I love when it switches to the voice over and it’s the oddly calming voice of Bob Sagat once again talking to the children. (He’s been talking to them for 8 years). So listen to her and let me know what you think. Are you a long time viewer? Or are you new to HIMYM?


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