Reading is like watching a movie no one else can see/hear

I previously wrote about the amount of books I owned. My wife and I obviously disagree as to how many is normal and why I need to own even a few of them. I will be the first to admit that I’ve bought some books simply because of the hype around them. Right off the top of my head “Casual Vacancy” comes to mind. I LOVED all the Harry Potter books and they were exactly what I needed to read at that point in my life. This J.K. Rowling was not the one I came to love and I knew that going in and still I dragged my feet while reading this and it took me forever. Even derailing my reading for some time because I felt drained. That being said I own the book and so it sits on my book shelf.

There are also books up there that I’ve read so many times I have to use my toes if I wanted to actually count digits. Night is one of those books and although I could only imagine the horrors that books describes it really does hold a special place in my heart. Both of those books belong up there. One because I hope one day my kid reads it and for that moment in time be at the exact location I once was. Physically and emotionally via the ride that books take you on. The other because I hope to read later on in life when I’ve live a little more and perhaps I enter the demographic she intended it for in the first place. I refuse to believe that it was simply my geographical location that made it lose some of it’s flavor.

As I mentioned before I finished my fourth book this month so far. “For one more day” “Second Chair” “The Reader” “Colder than Hell”. I am really on a roll and at this pace and this method I might be able to hit 52 books in a year. I though that was too big a task but I’m well on my way and if I can bang out four more in Feb I don’t think I will lose much steam after that. Yet it’s been a while since my last trip to B&N. (My candy store). So I scoured the book shelves trying to decide what book I would reread. Even just browsing the book spines in my hunt I went on an amazing ride. Happy, Sad, even mad about some of the twist in a couple of books that I hated reading the first time. I enjoyed the book but sometimes books shatter our world and it’s sad when no one around me is feeling the same thing.

I was lost in that emotion and thought when I casually walked one of the many trilogies that I’ve bought. Yes I read all the Hunger Games books. Which got me thinking about the next group of books to get the film makeover and how so many more will be exposed to this stories. So I will reread Divergent. That is before we watch the movie later this Spring. I’m only about 140 pages in and already I can tell that since I first read this I view things a little different. I guess I might also add that I know what some of the characters will look like in the movie so I’m picturing them in my mind instead of the what I may have pictured the first time.

What books have you re read? Do you re read things right away? Have you ever gone back to a specific book years later and thought completely brand new thoughts about specific things life may have shown you to be different? As for the books, do you keep large collections? Why or why not? I also read on the iPad and have found it too be pretty great for when I want to read with out being judged. You always hear you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover. That should also apply to the person reading a book you may not like or agree with.


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