Bring it February

Wow January is gone. It seems like just yesterday we were all opening Xmas gifts and listening to Auld lang syne. Right?

So how’s 2014 treating you all so far? I can say that I feel at peace with how things are working out for me. (more importantly for my family)

As far as my challenges/goals(resolutions) are concerned I’m happy with my batting average. I took on several and well I figured if even one of them stuck through out the whole month I could carry that momentum into February and then some.

So reading: 4 out 25 books already read. As of typing this about halfway done with book 5. I’ve been even thinking about pushing the bar a little higher. Or maybe I should wait till I get to the bar.

Running: I kept my streak alive and today marked day 65. The mileage total for January alone is 130 miles and since the streak & more than double that since the streak started back on Thanksgiving Day. I’m 35 days away from the LA Marathon so at the very least I’m pushing the streak goal out to 100 days.

Drinking: I kept it dry. I can’t make this one last through February because I will celebrate both my 12 year anniversary and my 33 birthday with some alcoholic beverages. I’ll go back to dry in March (not an easy task with St. Paddy’s mid month. Then in April back to the booze. Ah I see a pattern, and I like it.

Some that didn’t fare that well. Daily picture about being grateful. Daily writing in personal journal. (With that said I’ve been able to write here to you folks daily everyday of January).

So here’s to hoping I can keep all those going for February. Especially since it’s a short month. Bring it February



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