Where do you read?

This weeks book has 487 pages. Since I’m dividing that in 7 days I have to read at least 70 pages a day if I want to stay on track. The number itself isn’t an issue. I can easily read more than that and have actually had to pace myself especially on weeks when the daily # is only 5o or less.

Today the issue was silencing the rest of the world enough so that I could hear myself reading it in my mind. I really think that because I was so tired from the weekend it made this task even more difficult. Not impossible but it was really trying.

I went out for my mile to keep the running streak alive. Day 68 wasn’t too bad. I fought the tired legs by wearing new shoes that totally did the job. Then got back and after the kids and G settled into bed finally sat down with my book. I’m stopping at around 425 tonight. It will all end tomorrow and then what am I going to read?

I asked for suggestions via FB and it seems my friends don’t read much or don’t think I’ll like whatever they’re reading. I asked for feed back on this blog and several of you suggested some book that I’ve already read. I again ask for a little bit of help and I’d like to know what you guys thought of them. Spoilers are far less likely when telling me about a book than it would be if you were telling me about a movie but still I ask you use caution. Happy reading to you all.

Before I forget. Our little bundle of joy is 6 months today. I can not believe what a difference a year has made to our lives. Last year around this time I didn’t even know if it would be a boy or a girl that I would hold and now I can’t even imagine life with out that beautiful smile looking at me. Here’s to many more my sweet little girl.



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