Sad day

This weekend yet another person lost his battle with addiction. As is the case with any celebrity death it’s now been analyzed and repeated over and over. I for one always wonder the state of mind these people need to be in to get to that point.

I also wonder how long ago they may have ended it all if they had to put up with some of the struggles everyday folks have put up with. I’ve always heard that we all have our own crosses to bear but I’m still confused.

This man did not go hungry. This man was a very celebrated actor and although the parts he played were raw and now as an afterthought probably very demanding of his sanity. Yet I go back to the fact that he was not alone and it was very specific the results of an addiction that ultimately did him in.

I’ve always wondered if I’m not addicted to any substance because I know better or simply because I don’t have the disposable income to have that type of addiction. I can probably point to a few different things that I have been addictive too and in the grand scheme of things have been as equally devastating to my day/life.

I tried to ween myself off but ultimately it did not work until I cut it out cold turkey and stop rationalizing everything. It seemed I always thought it was under control. Until I learned that even a glimpse of an open door would mean it being kicked wide open and being in trouble all over again. I’m so glad everyday that passes that my vices are under control but it worries me when I hear talk of an addiction being ever present.

PSH was 23 years sober. Yet something knocked him off the wagon and the drug of choice was now too much for his body to handle.




  1. I think he was put on anti-depressants (something that started with a v), and usually, patients need to be informed that these medications can trigger the part of your brain that deals with addiction and old habits come about. Perhaps he wasn’t warned or maybe he was, and a tiny little voice became a shout and the inklings of self-hatred came rushing back. I was with an addict for over 2 years, who had 2 years of sobriety around the time we first got together… but what i learned about addiction is that it’s completely unpredictable when one tries to recover.No matter the amount of time clean that they have, the foundation of self-loathing is always there.

    Fortunately, we can celebrate PSH’s life because he gave us a window into what it was like. He basically only portrayed himself, well for most of his films. An incredible actor/artist has passed away, but there should not be a need to keep re-analyzing everything as most reporters have done.

    I agree with you whole-heartedly.

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