It’s not you, it’s me. Fine, I’ve met “somebody” else!

My longest relationship lasted about 18 months.

It always starts the same way. Wonderful while shiny and new. Getting to know each other is fun and can last for hours on end. Letting others see our new relationship is always nice too. Others express how much they envy what we have.

Then the after just a few months it’s always the same thing. It gets old and I can’t deal. Even the way you sound gets annoying. There’s no variety and I need that in my life.

Now this is where I know I seem shallow but I won’t move on or discard you until I’ve got a new relationship set up. So far I’ve been please with my choice to move on to the next and better thing. Each new version of you has been smarter than the last.

Most recently it’s been you iPhone 5S. You even recognize my fingerprint. Yet always bring a little of my past relationships with you. You’re new and refreshing yet so familiar.

Aside from the wife you’re the first thing I check in the am. Through out the day you’re there for me at work and when I need a break from work. I make sure you get rest before bed so that you’re adequately charged and alert when it’s time to wake me up in the am.

During my solo runs you’re my running partner and tell me when I need to pick it up or when I go faster than I’ve ever gone before.

I went a full 18 years with out having a cell phone and if I’m being honest I didn’t think a cell phone would become such a huge part of my life. When growing up the phone was “just for emergencies”. I always wonder what my childhood may have been like if I could text.

Many of you will read this on a cell phone. Do you agree with me that it’s a huge part of our day now? Does that bother you or have you come to terms with it?




      • You could say you would be a phonlygamist, but since that word’s not in the dictionary let’s just say you’re being innovative. Haha, just kidding, a lot of people actually have two phones. This is one reason I’m considering getting a blackberry, they are supposedly wonderful business phones (and I really want a qwerty keyboard).

  1. I live in a constant love/hate relationship with my cellphone. As long as I’m in the city, I can’t live without the cellphone, but whenever I’m traveling or take time off, I don’t wanna have to deal with checking emails, calls, messages.
    As for reading, I still prefer the old way when it comes to books, as for blogs, reading them on the go it’s very handy.

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