I bid you all…a heartfelt goodnight

Did any of you see Leno say “good night”? If I’m being completely honest I haven’t been a regular viewer for some time now. In comparison I watch Jimmy Fallon daily regardless of who the guest was. Jay I would set the DVR only when the guest was of my liking.

Jay was clearly emotional. Something I don’t remember being the case back in 2009 or ’10. I haven’t kept up with all the specifics but I couldn’t help but really feel for him as he tried to say his “good night”. I think he’s been really gracious about having mr. young blood coming in to take over. Or I should say taking it back to NY.

Back to the emotion. I thought about my last day in the Marine Corps. I went through the process of “checking out” of every department and turning issued gear back in. On of my very best friends in the Corps, another Sgt in my unit, made the rounds with me and I clearly remember the moment when he asked me why I was doing that to him.

I didn’t see it as doing anything to him and well in my preoccupation with the devastation of having to leave the Marine Corps, I hadn’t realized what that was doing for those brothers I’d gotten very close to. Which is what I got from Jay when he spoke about all those men and woman who I’m certain aren’t going to have as a great a time landing on their feet as he will.

Either way lets all wish Jay well and tune in to see if Jimmy brings all the fun of “Late Night” to the “Tonight Show” with him. I hope he brings “The Roots” with him and Higgins. More importantly, I’m even more excited to see what Seth Myers is bringing with him. I loved him on “Weekend Update” and really look forward to their 1-2 punch in late night TV.


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