what channel is it on?

we cut the chord over a year ago

never has it been so crappy a situation than during the olympics.

all it took was one day of research on what co. to go with. (time warner, att uverse, direct TV) for me to be again reminded of it being such a dumb expense. yes it has required a bit of clever work arounds but between my “devices” and streaming to the big screen we watch the coverage we want when we want and still no bill at the end of the month.

sadly even enjoying the games has been difficult because of all the bad attention these games have received. I can only imagine all that will be unearthed about the subsequent summer games.

what if we here in the states ever get awarded another games, will the world sit around uncovering our shortcomings.

anyway back to some speed skating now.




  1. I love speed skating.
    At home we don’t have cable TV, in Spain is ridiculously expensive and since I spend most to time at work or traveling, makes no sense to waste money like that.
    Thanks to the internet I can watch all the shows I want the day after they air in the US, in here they’d be shown a week later.
    Have a good week!

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