that just happened. 2 on 1

My wife had to work late today. Any other night that sucks but it’s doable/bearable. Tonight though k had a fundraiser for his school at El Torito. I’ve been taking care of both of them for some time but not in a public setting like that.

I was already behind the curve. I started the afternoon with no formula and not rested enough for the baby. We got to the restaurant and even the host kid was amazed that I was alone with both kids. Repeatedly asked if we were waiting for mom. I of course said we were but my wife already knew she was just not going to be able to make it.

I ordered the fajitas and I wondered how i would deal with the blazing skillet. I got K some chicken fingers because of course that’s what he’ll get at a Mexican restaurant. Well the baby was awesome and well behaved. I actually ate and enjoyed my food. When mom comfirmed she wouldn’t be making it we made our way home.

I knew everybody doubted I’d make it through the evening but I did.



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