i’ve been so distracted

On the west side of N Harper blvd in West LA/Hollywood Tuesdays are street cleaning days.

I did not know that when I parked about 15 minutes early for work. I pulled out my book and read yet another chapter. It was an incredible book and well despite a good read. It turned into a fairly expensive one because it distracted me from reading the clearly visible signs.

Since I was in speed reading mode (Which works in a book because it easier to pick up context) I completely blew past Tuesday and thought I read Thursday and even awesome about the prime real estate parking spot I grabbed.

It turns out 15 minutes after parking the ticket wielding officer was typing away at my ticket. I watch from afar and though I’d at least make the parking ticket worth it and keep that sidewalk. It’s for $73 So the longer I stayed there the cheaper I suppose the parking was.

I drove off, and swear to you that I was supposed to get some rest today. In hopes that tomorrow I’m less of a Zombie. Even more so since I’ll be working from home. Well for now I guess I better find the check book. Damn parking enforcement.


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