My heart wants what the heart wants

my resting heart rate is somewhere between 55 to 61 bpm. I went on an easy run and it quickly got to around 150 bpm even when I pushed a little harder it went up to about 160 bpm.

now the tricky part. I have no idea what any of that means. I’m 32 (two days shy of 33) not fat but could probably lose more than a few lbs and my knees would thank me during my marathons. after a quick google search i can tell that my resting heart rate is actually pretty good and if it drops just a few “points” down I’m actually almost at athlete range. Yet not sure what the average it shot up to means.

I also thought it was quite telling that between a 10 min mile to a 9 min mile it didn’t really add much strain to my heart as it did on the rest of my body. I was going at a pretty good pace when not worrying about looking at my heart rate.

I’m sure after a little more research it will all make sense to me. I’m just wondering if it’s too close to marathon day to switch over to heart rate controlled pace instead of strictly pace. from what I’ve gathered so far it would be easier to monitor how warmed up I am and if i’m truly pacing myself OK to be consistent through out the race and try and ensure I run negative splits.

well when it was all said and done I was just a little under 10 min average pace for 3 miles. I didn’t push very hard because again I was playing around with, what sprinting for a bit at a time did to my heart rate.

Runstreak : Day 77 : 3.03 miles




  1. I’ve just recently started getting into training by heart rate so I’m no expert, but this is what I do know.
    You got to 80-85% of maximum heart rate which is good for medium effort workouts. You wrote it was an easy run, usually for easy runs heart rate stays within 70-79%. Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age (this is a very basic formula but it works to get a good estimate).

  2. I rarely workout based on my HR, the strap around my chest annoys me. And when I’m in a race I never wear a watch.
    I’ve worn it when doing intervals, it’s funny to see how it rockets from the mid 40’s to the 100’s.

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