Who else wants to go to Sochi?

So does anyone else feel like they should be more into the Olympics?

For the summer games we get ready. I mean really ready. Look up all the profiles so we know who to cheer for. Aside from that there are true heroes that stand out. Names like Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin. If you’re not really into swimming. Maybe names like Usain Bolt or Deena Kastor.

For the winter Olympics though I don’t know anyone. Other than Shaun White or Lolo and I mean both of those names are huge because of success outside of the Winter Olympics. Lolo actually directly from the summer Olympics.

I knew of girls on the water polo team but couldn’t name one girl from this years hockey team.

I guess that biggest contributor to that ridiculous lack of knowledge is the beautiful weather around here. It’s 11:00PM at night and I’m sitting here sweating, surely it’s 80 degrees in the san Fernando valley still. Perhaps my East Coast friends who are used to getting buried in the snow, have no pity for my woes.

Now you’d think this is not a big deal but when my son asks a question and I don’t know half as much as I should know about the winter Olympics. I just lose it.

So here’s my goal. I will read everything and anything on the winter games and when the girls play for gold or lolo hits the course I will be ready.



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