Inception Run

So 2o miles later and it’s time for bed. woo hoo.

What a weekend. Last big “Long” run until the LA marathon. As I previously mentioned 10 on Saturday. Which does put a little bit of pressure to then have an awesome 20 as well.

Never the less after a not so restful night I woke up at 3:15. Had a little bit of pre-race fuel and then got on my way.

Aside from being 20 miles to make it 30 for the weekend. It was what I like to call an inception run. It’s a hike within a trailrun with in a run.

Pretty relaxed pace until mile 4 where I know we have hills galore starting. (perfect time for hills is a long, long 20 miles). At mile 7 it was a hike down and up from a canyon. Quads were on fire and still a half marathon to go. Mile 9 came and then the descent started. We found a nice trail to get down and that was an adventure all on it’s own (see picture). It was mile 14 when we finally made the turn to head back home.

I spend the rest of the day with my kids and the day ended with the all star game and a birthday cake with friends. Which bring us back to primetime and it’s bedtime. Maybe that’s what a I need 20 mile mornings to sleep like a baby. Good night everyone.



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