The ball game

I’ve made it clear how much music really takes things to another level for me.

I’m not sure how i missed this song the first 2 times I watched this movie. My only guess is that the first two times were just so overwhelmingly emotional heavy that I was just exhausted at the end of the movie to notice the awesome message coming at me at the end.

tonight was the third time and by the end of the movie my family was all down for the night. The baby was sleeping in her crib. The boy was done fighting the sand man and was dreaming for sure. My wife had kissed me good night and so I was left with absolutely no distractions to enjoy or bare the weight of the hate coming Jackie’s way.

At the end of it all it began to play and I thought it was “take me out to the ball game” with the organ going and all. What struck me as odd was that after looking the song up on iTunes and youtube I realized that the lyrics are actually pretty religious. Something I’m not and have had to defend for various reasons. Never the less I enjoyed the peace the song brought and wonder if it was just the style or her (Sister Winona Carr) voice.

Ultimately I decided it doesn’t really matter what I think and that you all should help me decide. Now take a listen and let me know what you think.


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