1 week down

10 to go!

I've written about my relationship with running on this blog before. As I looked to log back in to this account I realized I haven't written in a while. At least not for anyone to read. I couldn't help but wonder if the funk I find myself in with my running is related to the fact that I haven't really written or emptied out my mind on to paper or onto my little space on the internet.

As I do with a lot of life's issues,  I turn to the all mighty oracle (Google). I started searching for others in a funk with running. Now I don't mean those folks that refuse to run because it's bad for your knees or because hate it. I mean those folks that love running but at times can fall into a rut and it becomes a chore instead of the freeing amaze-ball experience it is/should be.

All roads lead to getting some fresh eyes on my situation and that meant working with a coach. I follow a lot of runners on various social media accounts. Only a select few deem a follow on every platform though and lo and behold as accomplished as this specific runner is (5 x Boston marathoner), they were also working with a coach. So I was in and why not the same coach they're working with. I of course quickly reached out. Half thinking I wouldn't get any response.

Fast forward a week. A phone conversation and quite a few back and forth via email and text as well as on running apps. I'm done with week 1. Clocking in 26.5 miles. Not a lot of mileage over what I've been running but with new purposeful running and even enjoying the day off instead of beating myself up all day about taking a day off at all.

Any thoughts on what else I can do to keep this going? w/ running or this blog?