I saw the sun come up today.

Late last night as if to welcome me back to the real world, after the mental vacation which are the holidays, I got into a fender bender. I was not on the phone nor was I texting or tweeting, I was, like is usually the case, falling asleep. It wasn’t a far drive comparably to what I’m used to driving but perhaps the day had been more draining than I thought. Anyway, I don’t think I realized I fell asleep, that is until I woke up to a loud crunching sound and I yanked the wheel spinning out on the freeway. Fortunately, at that time not much traffic on the freeway. Which reminds me how unlucky I was to be falling asleep as the only other car on the road passed precisely next to me. Then again, were they there to stop me from going all the way over to the center divider. I don’t want to think of the worse case scenario but it was a pretty “loud” experience. I now wait to see how much this “accident” will cost me.

So watching the sun come up this morning was a blessing. Yes I may be out a few dollars. Maybe even a lot of dollars, but the headache this whole ordeal has left me with, is a reminder that I’m alive. Even as I type that I realize that, I see that every single day I wake up is a blessing. I want to see the sun rise many more times like I did this morning and take a few minutes a day to think about the day before. Hopefully making the day ahead a better one. By this logic, I hope to make 2011 an incredible year and turning point in my life. After all it’s not every year a man turns 30.


Hello world!

the thinking man
I’m on the verge of turning 30. I’m a recent convert from old school journaling. One reason being it got a little expensive buying beautiful journals just to abandon them for someone else to find. I started thinking that was a bit archeic and that I could accumulate a much bigger audience using this medium.

In my past life I was a United States Marine. (ok so it was this life but you know what I mean) I proudly served my country with one of the best infantry units the Marine Corps could have asked for. We were all citizen soldiers. Leaving jobs, families, and lives behind. Those of us who lived through the war will forever remember. I strongly believe that the lens with which we see life has been forever altered. I think it’s certainly different, and worth a look through from time to time. I wish I could have seen things through that lens with out living through war first.