I was thinking today that I no longer hate Mondays. As Mondays go, yesterday was filled with pretty terrific news. For me anyways, after all that is the best kinds of good news. This news gave me peace. Everything seemed more splendid. I took the picture above, which was the view from the car window, as I sat and waited for my son to get out of school. If this is the first time reading my blog a little history might be good.

When the alarm went off in the morning. I still had a broken phone. I had dropped my precious iPhone 4 and the revolutionary Retina Display was shattered. The anxiety of breaking my phone had brought me down so far that I subsequently (i blame everything wrong with my day on my phone being broken) fallen asleep at the wheel and broken my drivers side mirror off. I still had no idea about what this temporary lapse in judgement would cost. After all if that tired perhaps I shouldn’t have been driving. Regardless of how disconnected I was with the broken phone.

So although today is Tuesday, I got all this good news on Monday and I had just not been able to write about it.

First I got a call from the actual car owner, of the car I got in the fender bender with. As it turns out, although the driver was upset, and tried to get me in trouble by demanding a police report. One that they did not write because they could tell there was no damage. Something the owner apparently agreed with because she called just to let me off the hook and say that she’s pretty sure a car wash would take care of. My own car, I MacGuyvered together with some super glue and voila. You’d never be the wiser of the kiss it exchanged with the Camry.

Then, after calls to several different repair shops, and receiving estimates of up to $200. (That’s supposed to be a good thing because retail price for the phone is upwards of $600, because I neglected to get the insurance. I was never going to drop my phone). I decided to go and feel a little better by walking around the Apple store. While there I figured I’d make an appointment at the genius bar and ask about repairs. I was almost a little embarrassed to take the phone out of my pocket when the agent came to help me. He cringed in obvious pain when I finally did. He asked mockingly about the crazy New Years Eve party. Not when I broke the phone, but hey he was just trying to break the ice. He then went on to check the serial #. Obviously I had not purchased any Apple Care or anything like it and I was an early adopter so have had it for several months now. He said I’d have to replace the phone because of the nature of the damage. He told me “typically” the cost would be $199. I thought that’s probably what I would  have to do, and forego the repairs so I could insure that it was fully operable and not any lingering effects from the fall. I must have looked crushed, I knew I wouldn’t be able to pay that now and so said thank you. I was ready to do the walk of shame as I put the phone back in my pocket. He said “hold on” and explained that I had obviously not picked up on the verbal cues. He explained that’s what typically happens but that they would give me a get out of jail free card and still replace the phone under the warranty. I was floored. He asked me one last question, was I ready for my new phone. Was I ever. I wanted to give this guy a hug. I walked in with a broken screen and walked out with my brand new iPhone 4 just as I had all those months back. So thank you Apple. That’s what I call customer service.

So as far as I see I will from now on look forward to Mondays. I will also try not stressing over things, as I had done this weekend. I remembered a time when I practiced that philosophy. Everyday seemed great back then.