#projectreflect12 ~ December 1, 2012: Coping


December 1: Coping

We all have ways of coping with the stresses of life, whether it be cuddling with a cat or curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. Describe one thing you did this year to cope with your day to day, to escape from reality. How did this one thing come about?


This year more than ever I feel that running is what helps me cope with my day to day. When I’m feeling tired it helps as sort of physical pep talk. When I’m anxious or stressed it calms me down. It’s not just the training for races (I participated in at least one race every single month). It’s the time I get to spend completely alone. I’ve even started running with out a wrist watch or music. It’s been liberating and taken care of a lot of self imposed pressures. 

I originally started running as a way back to shape after a period of self imposed inactivity and in hindsight I’m certain all the problems and troubles that arose were all in direct correlation with that time. I’ve grown to love it more than I ever thought possible. 

Running is my coping mechanism and when at times this love of mine has brought me pain I’m reminded of the “pain” my life had become before I laced up my running shoes and got back out there. I like the peace of mind it brings me and now my only concern is how I will cope when the day comes I can no longer run, although I’m hoping that’s a few thousand miles from now.