alright, alright, alright…..just keep living!

last night i, along with any other film buffs in the city if not the world watched as hollywood’s elite threw a party and told each other how awesome they were.

i think it’s pretty great because i do love the movies and i can’t keep a straight face telling my humble “war” stories let alone really sell some of the roles that last nights nominees were up for.

I take it for what it is entertainment. I don’t think that these people shouldn’t care about certain causes or fights. yet i don’t necessarily think that it’s the place to make statements of a political nature. I feel when one does it seems out of place and the message even is lost because of the opportunistic nature of it.

not to mention someone always seems to have a problem with what these actors say or don’t say. Jared Leto got it “right” this time by talking about people that have lived with the struggles he tried to portray. yet it seems he wasn’t specific enough and so still criticized for it. He mentioned AIDS by name. Matthew Mcconaughey on the other hand did not and then tried to make sense of what he though about 10 years ago and maybe even 10 years before that.

The same could be said for other actors and speeches but I chose to point those two out because it proof of being damned if you do and damned if you don’t. MM did thank God and so that group of people were happy. Is that what he didn’t mention AIDS or the LGTB community. I’ll add that I didn’t read that and if I mention that it’s just because thats how easy these media outlets make a story take off.

With the advent of social media stories spread even faster and i think with even less regard for truth. This group is mad and they should or shouldn’t be. I really think that it’s selfish of us to be upset about what some one said at their party that we were lucky enough to be invited to. Maybe they’ll start doing that in private next time. We would all sit there and read about what went on. If only to criticize what people wore.

I try not to be negative on my blog or on FB but today I guess I chose to vent here before doing so on FB. I figured if I wait till Tuesday all the Oscar buzz will be gone and my feed will go back to fighting about the other celebrities I mean loud mouthed politicians. I guess it could be worse. My friends could all be careless and not read or watch the news.


Flex your happiness #Reverb13 Day 25

Covet: What did you covet this year?  Are you working towards getting that, or just admiring it from afar?  Is it a tangible thing, or just an idea?  Tell us about what you’ve got your sights set on.

I can say with pride that I didn’t want for much this year. I wanted my son to be healthy and for my baby to be born healthy. You get the theme.

Previous years I want the newest computer or iPad. I also keep trying to figure what kind of car I’ll be driving when I finally make it back on the road. I waited this long, might as well wait until I get the perfect car, I would say. . Something with “muscle” and at the very least some character.

I’ve done all that wondering or hoping from afar. I think my own decision, since it was after all a choice, is dependent on my employment “situation”. This was not what happened this year though. I really learned to pair down and I couldn’t be happier for that.


Unfriend in 1…2…. #Reverb13 Day 24

Crazy: What one little thing drove you crazy this year?  Was it unique to this past year or has it been buggin’ you for a while?  How do you intend to get rid of it or resolve it in 2014?

Nothing drove me crazier than stupid people on Facebook. I suppose I should be more specific and say it’s stupid post that drive me insane. I truthfully don’t know why I put up with it though, when peace of mind would be just a click away.

It is so exhausting because the energy I put into disliking it is incredible. I mean I don’t put up with stupidity and negativity in my real life so why would I or should I put up with it in my digital life.

In 2014 I will unfriend at will. If it doesn’t add to my day or my well being it has no place on my timeline. So I apologize to whoever I unfriend. You did this to yourself.

I Need A Book Preferably Not About Showers.


The New Year is well on it’s way. Just like the first year with a new baby it is filled with a lot of first. My first run. A few quick 800 m intervals due to time constraints. For Kalel his first day back at school. Still a few days away giving us a full extra week of bro bonding time. My first disapoointment in how much crap it is that family judges you more than strangers(friends) do when you’re down. Quickly getting me stressed out, something, you may know by now, I avoid like the plague. 

So I quickly looked for what I wasn’t taking care of leaving me open for something as silly (since I shouldn’t be shocked by family being crippling and dream/soul crushers). It couldn’t have been my running. I did that and picked up on my other work out since the Spartan Race is only 3 1/2 weeks out. Then it clicked, I haven’t read anything. I’m usually buried in a book (when not running or grabbing dirt). So far THIS year not a single page read. 

So what should I read. I have a few ideas and they’re narrowed down because I have only a couple unread books left in my possesion. So for now I’m going to read “With The Old Breed”. It’s one of the two books used in adapting the story and history for “The Pacific” on HBO. If I hurry I can still turn that into a resolution of a chapter a day. I will also start any other book anyone suggest, I really do believe word of mouth and so if I haven’t gotten any other suggestion by Friday I’ll be also starting/reading “The Hunger Games Trilogy”. 


Now I wonder if this will get as much response as an earlier FB status/tweet did. After a more than taxing work out. I jumped in the shower. Kalel had showered before me and so for some reason (taking me back to my childhood home) we didn’t have any hot/warm water. I was hesitant to jump in but when done I had absolutely the best shower in a long time (see tweet above). I shared that as I do a lot of other information links, videos, and miscellaneous. Unlike the daily posts I’ve been sharing this of course got a lot of flak. I quickly realized all the friends that responded have moved atleast their minds into the gutter. I laughed for as long as the conversation carried on. Not always fueld by MY responses.