apperantly i live in paradise

beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely.

i think it is extremely difficult to choose so I’ll go with “somewhere else entirely”.

luckily I live in Los Angeles, I can and have started my day at the beach and worked my way through forested roads on my way to the mountains. as i type this i’m reminded that a week from today I will actually run across the city and go from mountain area through what was once forested land and end at the beach. i’m a little crazy because i’ll be doing it on foot but again i consider myself lucky to be able to do so.

i’m also very lucky that i can say that weather wise we’ll be looking at a gorgeous day for running. (knock on wood) our weekend of winter here in southern California was a crazy one. by wednesday it promises to be back in the 70’s and looking amazing once the dark clouds are gone. which makes me just a little concerned for those folks traveling from the east coast and acclimated to the polar vortex. it will feel like on oven compared to temperatures they’ve been dealing with.

as far as i’m a little optimistic about how the weather will turn out. this will be the 5th consecutive year I’ll be running the los angeles marathon. i’ve ran it through the heaviest rains in recent history and also one of the driest days we’ve had in a long time. so here’s to the goldie locks of environments not to hot, not to cold, but just right.


ooops did I do that….

i woke up this morning still not shooting on all cylinders. if you’ve been reading the blog for at least a few days you know the reason. short version it’s a combination of some adult liquid calories over the weekend and my oreo binge last night.

after a shower and other morning routine stuff i woke up the boy and well he was tired to and my first reaction was less than awesome. i felt terrible the moment the words left my mouth. it wasn’t his fault that i’d made some poor decisions. not to mention he was acting just exactly how i felt on the inside (if you ask my wife i was acting like that on the outside too).

luckily i was dropping him off and so I had another half hour to first of all apologize. i’m no above apologizing to my son. i could tell he was still not certain why i had snapped but we talk like we always do and he knew dad was back on board with our normal fun.

I dropped him off and drove to work. when i drop him off i have an extra long drive and so i switch through quite a few radio stations. I heard someone reading a blog/article about being a perfect parent. they tried to talk it up only to get back to the point of it being incredibly difficult to live up to perfect standards.

i immediately thought of something i’d heard before “THE ONLY TIME YOU’RE A PERFECT PARENT IS BEFORE YOU HAVE CHILDREN”. I couln’t help but smile at the thought that I had just messed something up royally that morning but that ultimately it wasn’t the end of the world. The day would go on. Not I nor anyone else would be a perfect parent and for the most part parents do the best with what they have.

I will always think back on the first day I met either one of my children and wonder how soon after i met them did I mess something up. i will say that lessons learned from meeting the boy has made me a better father to the girl and meeting the girl has made me think about the man i’ve become and how different i am to the man who met the boy.

i’ll end this post with another i’m sorry to my son. i try very hard to not stress out on life and even more so to keep your life as peaceful as possible since life will be hard as it is with out your dad adding to the crazyness.

i’ve been so distracted

On the west side of N Harper blvd in West LA/Hollywood Tuesdays are street cleaning days.

I did not know that when I parked about 15 minutes early for work. I pulled out my book and read yet another chapter. It was an incredible book and well despite a good read. It turned into a fairly expensive one because it distracted me from reading the clearly visible signs.

Since I was in speed reading mode (Which works in a book because it easier to pick up context) I completely blew past Tuesday and thought I read Thursday and even awesome about the prime real estate parking spot I grabbed.

It turns out 15 minutes after parking the ticket wielding officer was typing away at my ticket. I watch from afar and though I’d at least make the parking ticket worth it and keep that sidewalk. It’s for $73 So the longer I stayed there the cheaper I suppose the parking was.

I drove off, and swear to you that I was supposed to get some rest today. In hopes that tomorrow I’m less of a Zombie. Even more so since I’ll be working from home. Well for now I guess I better find the check book. Damn parking enforcement.

Just keep reading…

Do you ever reread books. I’m on somewhat of a reading streak. I’m almost done with my 3rd book for the year to date and well I’m considering rereading some books that I really enjoyed. 

What are some books that you enjoyed or that you have re read in the past? Are there any books in your queue that you would recommend I read before I start rereading stuff? 

Did any of you make any type of reading challenges(resolutions)? How are you doing with them? I told myself I would read daily. When starting a new book I take the total # of pages and divide by 7 I should read a book a week like that. The toughest one was a book almost 400 pages long but when I looked at my daily reading “assignment” it was truly manageable. I’ve got almost one month and if I’m not able to continue at this pace at the very least. I’m well on my way to beat my 25 books of reading for 2013.



I am a running fool and proud of it #Reverb13 Day 23

The race set out for you: Tell us about how you’ve been running along in 2013 and the race(s) you intend to run in 2014.  These can be literal races or just the road of life.  What did your path look like this year, and are you choosing the same for 2014?

“Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon”  I couldn’t find who said that but I’m certain they had been out for a run or two. I ran at least 1000 miles in 2013. Actually even closer to 1200 since 100+ months happened several times.

I ran 2 marathons & 4 half marathons. Running didn’t start this year but it sure was a huge part of it. Days off only happened on Fridays and when life really “got in the way”. I’ll add that every missed mile this year was for joyous reasons and nothing like an injury or anything negative like has been the case in the past. Some of these races weren’t going to happened and then thanks to friends I ended up racing. I was running regardless. In the past I always needed a race to keep up the motivation.

2014 should look similar in # of races. Except hoping another one of those half marathons turns into a full for a total of 3 and 3. I hope to add at least 1 triathlon. I’m not sure of the distance I want to tackle just yet. This year I didn’t swim or bike as much as I set out to do because I was a running fool. I need to trust that I can run. If I bike and swim the fitness will be there and I’ll run just fine.

I need that same kind of trust in the momentum I have going on in life apart from running. When I was younger life as a Marine seemed like Sprint. Obviously now I’m living life more like a Marathoner and pacing myself so that I have some gas in the tank for that second half. The way I see it I’m still in the first half of the race. I can still afford to conserve some energy.

Everyone should Delurk

Since I started started this blog about 5 months ago, I’ve written about a few different things. Ranging from some back story on ME, or just the event of that day. After the original task of writing every day for 21 days it did get tougher to post on a daily basis. I tapered back to at least once a week and then just about any time something inspired me or I felt compelled to stop and sit and write.

Once I started writing, I found others like me online that put there thoughts on line for others to read. Some have quite a following but more often than not, they are like me writing for the love of writing and just staking claim to their little piece of the internet. I’ve found many great blogs too many of them to list. Maybe one of these days I’ll post a list of my favorites and perhaps maybe a little of why so as to avoid the rut of reading random lists online.

I will mention one today though because after reading it this morning it did provide the idea for this post here.

It turns out today is Delurking Day 2011. Just like I read blog after blog, adding some to my reader but more often than not just reading and thinking “great” with out taking the time to say so. Well today she said is a day to take the time and come out of hiding from the blogger and saying “hi”. I proceeded to let her know I enjoyed reading her blog and shared my blog with her. Now I’m taking the time to put up the same challenge here on my blog.

Please if only for today take the time to like this post or follow my blog. Leave a comment, tell me what you think. Or simply tell me a little bit about yourself or some other blogs online that I might enjoy reading. Or videos I might like to watch.

I’d also like to add that if possible you take some time and tell me how you found this post in the first place.  I usually see the views climbing but don’t know who’s out there.

Some of the things I’ve discovered I like recently is taking pictures. (I’m posting on a daily basis on OWOP). I’ve taken quite a few as I’m logging the miles in my marathon training.

So here’s to meeting some of you soon. Either way with this post I’m also declaring a new commitment to post at least every other day. Any suggestions as to how to get going on that challenge would be greatly appreciate it.

So again every one “Delurk”