I need a cookie…

my name is Jose and I’m about to devour a bag of oreos.

this post is so that when I feel like crap with in a half an hour and more so tomorrow I can remember why. I did not buy these oreos today, I bought them over a week ago and have been strong. I planned to eat maybe one a day until race day and then really dig into them after the race. I’m talking maybe 2 glasses of milk and really taking my time with each cookie. Then I had a set back Sunday. (not really but that’s what it feels like today) I overslept for my run so I did the minimum 1 mi. Today I got out on the road so late that again it was 1 mi. So all I need right now is some milk and cookies and I’m going to put today behind me.

i’m already past 100 miles for the month but still hope that after tomorrow I can stick to training fully for another 2 weeks. If I can do that then I’ll be a easy with myself about possible breaking the streak. I’m torn though because it’s the only thing that has kept me going out there when all I want to do is hit the rack.

Enough stalling this is going down. cookie monster mode commencing now.

for what it’s worth, I think as long as I’m listening to some music I won’t feel half as bad as I imagine.


Inception Run

So 2o miles later and it’s time for bed. woo hoo.

What a weekend. Last big “Long” run until the LA marathon. As I previously mentioned 10 on Saturday. Which does put a little bit of pressure to then have an awesome 20 as well.

Never the less after a not so restful night I woke up at 3:15. Had a little bit of pre-race fuel and then got on my way.

Aside from being 20 miles to make it 30 for the weekend. It was what I like to call an inception run. It’s a hike within a trailrun with in a run.

Pretty relaxed pace until mile 4 where I know we have hills galore starting. (perfect time for hills is a long, long 20 miles). At mile 7 it was a hike down and up from a canyon. Quads were on fire and still a half marathon to go. Mile 9 came and then the descent started. We found a nice trail to get down and that was an adventure all on it’s own (see picture). It was mile 14 when we finally made the turn to head back home.

I spend the rest of the day with my kids and the day ended with the all star game and a birthday cake with friends. Which bring us back to primetime and it’s bedtime. Maybe that’s what a I need 20 mile mornings to sleep like a baby. Good night everyone.

Who else wants to go to Sochi?

So does anyone else feel like they should be more into the Olympics?

For the summer games we get ready. I mean really ready. Look up all the profiles so we know who to cheer for. Aside from that there are true heroes that stand out. Names like Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin. If you’re not really into swimming. Maybe names like Usain Bolt or Deena Kastor.

For the winter Olympics though I don’t know anyone. Other than Shaun White or Lolo and I mean both of those names are huge because of success outside of the Winter Olympics. Lolo actually directly from the summer Olympics.

I knew of girls on the water polo team but couldn’t name one girl from this years hockey team.

I guess that biggest contributor to that ridiculous lack of knowledge is the beautiful weather around here. It’s 11:00PM at night and I’m sitting here sweating, surely it’s 80 degrees in the san Fernando valley still. Perhaps my East Coast friends who are used to getting buried in the snow, have no pity for my woes.

Now you’d think this is not a big deal but when my son asks a question and I don’t know half as much as I should know about the winter Olympics. I just lose it.

So here’s my goal. I will read everything and anything on the winter games and when the girls play for gold or lolo hits the course I will be ready.

i’ve been so distracted

On the west side of N Harper blvd in West LA/Hollywood Tuesdays are street cleaning days.

I did not know that when I parked about 15 minutes early for work. I pulled out my book and read yet another chapter. It was an incredible book and well despite a good read. It turned into a fairly expensive one because it distracted me from reading the clearly visible signs.

Since I was in speed reading mode (Which works in a book because it easier to pick up context) I completely blew past Tuesday and thought I read Thursday and even awesome about the prime real estate parking spot I grabbed.

It turns out 15 minutes after parking the ticket wielding officer was typing away at my ticket. I watch from afar and though I’d at least make the parking ticket worth it and keep that sidewalk. It’s for $73 So the longer I stayed there the cheaper I suppose the parking was.

I drove off, and swear to you that I was supposed to get some rest today. In hopes that tomorrow I’m less of a Zombie. Even more so since I’ll be working from home. Well for now I guess I better find the check book. Damn parking enforcement.

Stadium to the sea x 5

It’s almost ten at night. I’ve been up for about 18 hours. So just shy of an hour per mile that I ran this morning.

The LA Marathon is just 54 days away. As far as long runs are concerned I’ve got 3 20 milers left and it’s game time.

As I waited for my alarm at 3:50 am this morning. Yeah I was up before the alarm actually looking forward to getting out on the road. I was out the door by 4:15 and off to meet my running partner I went. 19 miles went by fairly fast all things considered (hills & all).

The rest of the day has been a blur because all I could think of before the run, during the run, after the run was FOOOD!! It wasn’t the worst day I’ve ever had calorie wise but I do wish I could have done better. I’m still going strong with the dry January I challenged myself with. Truth be told I’m not much of a drinker (anymore) anyway but I figured it would help with hydration as I build up towards my 5th LA race.

So who has any tips for me as I head into yet another several weeks of long runs. I know as much as I love it I get a little burned out towards the end and I want to get the most out of my training this time around.

What I know for sure is that from sunrise to sundown my mind was RUNNING


I’m not on a diet, I’m training! #Reverb13 Day 22.

What uphill battle did you keep fighting and fighting in 2013?  Are you going to keep fighting it or let it go?  Why?

Today was day 25 of a #RWrunstreak. The challenge is to run at least one mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. I suppose it wouldn’t be that difficult but of course on most days I have to run more than a mile because I’m also training for my first marathon on 2014. The Los Angeles Marathon will take place on March 9th, 2014, yet training kicked off in October of 2013.

Today I ran 16 miles. It’s a pretty middle distance run for me. Not quite the 20 that I’ll run a few weeks before the big day but about 2/3 longer than I run on most days. Sundays also mean hills for me. Today for example my running partner and I ran uphill for the first 7 miles of our run. So I guess what I’m saying is that I know hills. They hurt but it’s the only way you grow stronger.

In life it seems no matter how miles I run, even the miles I log on the hills. I can’t seem to outrun my bad eating habits. Since getting home I’ve eaten a left over slice of pizza, tamales, cookies, coffee (with sugar) and then for a late lunch some Chicken Alfredo and even drank a beer. Now I’ll admit not every day is like that and on most days I do try and make conscious decisions about what I eat. After a day like this I feel like I have failed and I know that’s not the case after running 16 miles but again that’s my uphill battle. I think in 2014 I’ll finally make it to the summit and get my nutrition in check as well as reach my goals as far as weight. I know this will in turn mean PR’s to come. So I have to keep fighting.

This year could have blown me away #Reverb13 Day 15

What kept you tethered to 2013? Give us a sensory tour of 2013. How would you describe the year that’s passing in terms of: Sight? Sound? Smell? Taste?Touch? What was your favorite photo taken OF you and/or the photo you loved best that you took in 2013?

I couldn’t have made it through this year with out my wife. No easy feat for her to go along with, I don’t know, carrying an almost 8 lb. baby. While still being a kick ass mom to our 8 year old son. Which by the way I’ll add isn’t a given as some friends have suggested. He’s a lot more independent than their toddlers but the universe of children only makes for bigger concerns. 

I could probably write list after list about how she’s been there for me and most of the time I may not be the most appreciative of something so normal from her. So I’ll take this chance to give you a sensory tour of what my Mrs Curls means to me.

Sight: She is as beautiful as the day I met her, when we were both still kids (literally). I couldn’t be happier to see her through out the day in the faces of our children. I knew I would never get tired of seeing her face. That’s how I knew she was the one.

Sound: I’ll be there first to admit that she’s can be a lot more real than when we first met. Of course the voice of the little girl who would laugh is sometime overpowered by the voice of the woman who can only put up with so much crap from an overgrown baby (only sometimes). Yet it is that stern yet loving voice that would pick me up when I was down.

Smell: I was told it was puppy love and that even the way she smelled would change to me as we grew older and life bore down on us. Maybe more than a decade together isn’t long enough and I’ll sing a different toon another 15 years from now but for now she smells like flowers and not the ones that make me sneeze either.

Taste: No there’s no need to get graphic. What I will say is that she makes everything I do taste just a little better. Dinner for example, she’ll agree is not her forte but there’s a bit of je ne sais quoi that I’m telling you I miss when it’s been a while since she’s made my favorite “breakfast for dinner”.

Touch: Again no graphic details. This is my wife we’re talking about after all. I will say that after 16 years of holding her hand I still feel at peace when I reach for hand and it’s there. She’s told me repeatedly that when I put my arms around her she feels safe. I’m not sure she’ll ever believe me that I’m the one that feels safe.


I’ve taken a lot of pictures of both my kids. For years when I was a father of one and now it’s just gone to a serious level. I can’t get enough of the cheeks on our new baby and have to take pictures of our first born before he is taller than mom. I can’t even begin to explain the awesomeness that is a picture of both of them. I don’t even know how I could pick a favorite one so here’s the latest one: