Happy 14th Birthday! “Greaseball”

The first time I got to sing happy birthday to Griselda she was turning 18. So in total we’ve now shared 14 of her birthdays together. It’s always a special day and kind of sweet that it’s right after we celebrate the beginning of another year. Today was also the last day of a holiday vacation. Which means we couldn’t celebrate in a really big way. It just means that we have to drag out the celebration until the following weekend. 

We can’t party big on Friday though because as the universe would have it. We run 14 miles on Saturday morning in what marks the halfway point of our marathon training with Team 2 End Aids. I’ll consider it as a way to honor the 14 years I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her smile as we (myself, family & friends) sing happy birthday. 

I have a couple things planned out for Saturday night but that all depends on if Griselda believes me about how much an ice bath will help her after the long run. If I can convince her and then half a nice walk she’ll be brand new and we can dance the night away. Any ideas where and we should go? No matter where we go one thing is certain when I sang happy birthday to 18 year old “greaseball” I knew two things for certain I would be marrying her and that I one day I would be singing happy birthday along with our beautiful son.