alright, alright, alright…..just keep living!

last night i, along with any other film buffs in the city if not the world watched as hollywood’s elite threw a party and told each other how awesome they were.

i think it’s pretty great because i do love the movies and i can’t keep a straight face telling my humble “war” stories let alone really sell some of the roles that last nights nominees were up for.

I take it for what it is entertainment. I don’t think that these people shouldn’t care about certain causes or fights. yet i don’t necessarily think that it’s the place to make statements of a political nature. I feel when one does it seems out of place and the message even is lost because of the opportunistic nature of it.

not to mention someone always seems to have a problem with what these actors say or don’t say. Jared Leto got it “right” this time by talking about people that have lived with the struggles he tried to portray. yet it seems he wasn’t specific enough and so still criticized for it. He mentioned AIDS by name. Matthew Mcconaughey on the other hand did not and then tried to make sense of what he though about 10 years ago and maybe even 10 years before that.

The same could be said for other actors and speeches but I chose to point those two out because it proof of being damned if you do and damned if you don’t. MM did thank God and so that group of people were happy. Is that what he didn’t mention AIDS or the LGTB community. I’ll add that I didn’t read that and if I mention that it’s just because thats how easy these media outlets make a story take off.

With the advent of social media stories spread even faster and i think with even less regard for truth. This group is mad and they should or shouldn’t be. I really think that it’s selfish of us to be upset about what some one said at their party that we were lucky enough to be invited to. Maybe they’ll start doing that in private next time. We would all sit there and read about what went on. If only to criticize what people wore.

I try not to be negative on my blog or on FB but today I guess I chose to vent here before doing so on FB. I figured if I wait till Tuesday all the Oscar buzz will be gone and my feed will go back to fighting about the other celebrities I mean loud mouthed politicians. I guess it could be worse. My friends could all be careless and not read or watch the news.


accountability is key

as far as writing prompts are concerned i’ve seen the one about writing a letter to your past self about a 100 times. my past self is kind of annoyed at hearing how things will be.

today a prompt i found had me writing to someone in the future. i guess i should write about how i hope things are now(then). i of course started to write because i know exactly how i want things to be. notice i immediately thought of writing to myself and not my children. i’m not ready to admit that i won’t be here for their forever.

as i started to type a letter to myself and wrote down things complimenting the new house or success at work. a fear like none other came over me. what if those things aren’t real just yet. how far in the future do i need to send this letter for that to be the case. then i was even more critical at the fact that i’m not sure if those things will ever happen.

so i’ve decided that the letter should not be for a younger Jose who wouldn’t listen to reason anyway. lets face it, that’s what got to us to where we are now and although I know it’s where we need to be on this journey of mine it’s not. i can’t write to future Jose because of reasons already explained above. so this letter really needs to be me now.

Hey Jose,

it’s almost midnight again, you really do have to start posting to your blog a lot earlier than “almost tomorrow”. so i need you to understand that i’m in no way complaining about how things are going lately. life is better than where you were just last year. i just need you to understand that if you want things to be the same or somewhat better then you’re good. yet if your goal is to be a 10 times better then  you need to make a change. you need to make changes in how you perceive accountable.

I want you to lose some weight. I’ve been nice and getting by on just your running as you can see is not cutting it. i read somewhere that you should let the time something will take discourage you, because the time will pass no matter what. so just start eating better. as well as posting your runs maybe you should start an online journal of what you eat. when forced to look back daily or weekly at what you eat it has to have an impact on the autopilot that just says go.

I need you to continue writing but if and when you feel stuck ,do not be shy about turning to classic pen and paper.

always w/ you,

Jose Callejas



to 365 or not to 365

tomorrow is the last day of February.

i’ve started my 8th book and just like I’m considering taking a break from my #runstreak (after the marathon), I’m thinking ofs taking a full week off of reading.

I don’t know that I like the pressure of having to do something everyday for any period of time, let along for a whole year.

are any of you on any kind of streaks. have you ever done anything for a full year? how many days in a row have you ran? What’s the most # of books you’ve read in year?


Inception Run

So 2o miles later and it’s time for bed. woo hoo.

What a weekend. Last big “Long” run until the LA marathon. As I previously mentioned 10 on Saturday. Which does put a little bit of pressure to then have an awesome 20 as well.

Never the less after a not so restful night I woke up at 3:15. Had a little bit of pre-race fuel and then got on my way.

Aside from being 20 miles to make it 30 for the weekend. It was what I like to call an inception run. It’s a hike within a trailrun with in a run.

Pretty relaxed pace until mile 4 where I know we have hills galore starting. (perfect time for hills is a long, long 20 miles). At mile 7 it was a hike down and up from a canyon. Quads were on fire and still a half marathon to go. Mile 9 came and then the descent started. We found a nice trail to get down and that was an adventure all on it’s own (see picture). It was mile 14 when we finally made the turn to head back home.

I spend the rest of the day with my kids and the day ended with the all star game and a birthday cake with friends. Which bring us back to primetime and it’s bedtime. Maybe that’s what a I need 20 mile mornings to sleep like a baby. Good night everyone.

what channel is it on?

we cut the chord over a year ago

never has it been so crappy a situation than during the olympics.

all it took was one day of research on what co. to go with. (time warner, att uverse, direct TV) for me to be again reminded of it being such a dumb expense. yes it has required a bit of clever work arounds but between my “devices” and streaming to the big screen we watch the coverage we want when we want and still no bill at the end of the month.

sadly even enjoying the games has been difficult because of all the bad attention these games have received. I can only imagine all that will be unearthed about the subsequent summer games.

what if we here in the states ever get awarded another games, will the world sit around uncovering our shortcomings.

anyway back to some speed skating now.


Bring it February

Wow January is gone. It seems like just yesterday we were all opening Xmas gifts and listening to Auld lang syne. Right?

So how’s 2014 treating you all so far? I can say that I feel at peace with how things are working out for me. (more importantly for my family)

As far as my challenges/goals(resolutions) are concerned I’m happy with my batting average. I took on several and well I figured if even one of them stuck through out the whole month I could carry that momentum into February and then some.

So reading: 4 out 25 books already read. As of typing this about halfway done with book 5. I’ve been even thinking about pushing the bar a little higher. Or maybe I should wait till I get to the bar.

Running: I kept my streak alive and today marked day 65. The mileage total for January alone is 130 miles and since the streak & more than double that since the streak started back on Thanksgiving Day. I’m 35 days away from the LA Marathon so at the very least I’m pushing the streak goal out to 100 days.

Drinking: I kept it dry. I can’t make this one last through February because I will celebrate both my 12 year anniversary and my 33 birthday with some alcoholic beverages. I’ll go back to dry in March (not an easy task with St. Paddy’s mid month. Then in April back to the booze. Ah I see a pattern, and I like it.

Some that didn’t fare that well. Daily picture about being grateful. Daily writing in personal journal. (With that said I’ve been able to write here to you folks daily everyday of January).

So here’s to hoping I can keep all those going for February. Especially since it’s a short month. Bring it February


“Have you met Ted?”

This weeks episode of “how I met your mother” was the 200th episode. In celebration there was special title credits and the name was “how your mother met me”. The first scene sent us back to September 2005. I knew exactly where we were when this episode aired. My wife was about 7 months pregnant and just a little over a month later we met our little boy. Obviously we always related to the Marshall & Lily characters on the show. Having been together since earlier than they were. They only met in college we were high school sweethearts.

Of course as is always the case with these TV shows there is a little of all of us in all the characters and I assume when the writers decide who will featured on any given episode that’s who we can relate with. From Ted and his quest to find his true love and the problems that come with finding yourself while being the person someone else will want. Barnie the perpetually “single” “best” friend that claims to not want to settle down but does hang on to friends in relationships because who doesn’t want someone to share their life with regardless of the difficulties that come with that. Lets not even get into “introducing new characters” (children).

Last season on the very last episode we finally caught a glimpse of “mom” after about 8 years of waiting to meet her. Everyone thought it was kind of a let down and not a bright way of setting that up but I couldn’t disagree more. Instead of introducing her on the last episode of the last season which really would have been like driving our “bus” into a wall. They instead let us see her and then let us all think about her all summer until we finally met her and I swear I was skeptical of how she would fit into the is awesome group of friends. After all the last addition always seemed to be somewhat of an outsider no matter what. (sherbotzky). She was Ted’s ex. Lili’s friend (so Marshall’s by default) and now ultimately Barney’s wife.

This entire season we’ve fallen for her a little bit at a time and tonight as I watched this weeks episode she surely play her ukelele into everyone’s heart. I for one couldn’t help to think about when I fell in love with my wife and as cheesy as it sounds it was right around the first time I laid eyes on her. It was only natural then that the writes would place Ted right next to her to listen to her sing. I love when it switches to the voice over and it’s the oddly calming voice of Bob Sagat once again talking to the children. (He’s been talking to them for 8 years). So listen to her and let me know what you think. Are you a long time viewer? Or are you new to HIMYM?