You’re it!

He’d been in the pool for all of 5 min before I heard him yell out “you’re it!” which means either he or the other kids had said “Want to be friends?”

It will never cease to amaze me how fast and easy kids can make “friends”. When then do we lose that gift? As I’ve gotten older it has definitely become harder to make friends. Are my expectations too high? Or are they too low, and so I sabotage any friendship before it has any chance of growing into anything better.

I look at when I made friends: elementary school, if it wasn’t for facebook I don’t think I would speak to any of them. (I suppose I don’t really speak to them). Middle School/Jr. High I went to a school other than my homeschool so I think that may have hindered communication with some of the grade school friends. Would that be different now in the age of texting and IM’ing? High School for one reason or another I ended up going to 4 different schools. I speak to only one person from middle/jr  and only a couple of people from high school are actually part of my life again if not for FB. Even those people are mostly linked to my wife (whom I met in high school).

The next chapter in my life was the military. I spent xx years in the Marine Corps and I made bonds with people that I know will be actually part of my life forever. Each bond stronger than the last. From training to actual combat. I can remember meeting each of those people and what they meant and how they got me through those tough days and the of course the tough days that follow an enlistment.

After the Marine Corps I didn’t think I’d make friends again. I then joined a group of athletes that showed me I couldn’t be more wrong. I remember the first few days and probably weeks and months it took for me to open up to them. I felt they’d never understand me. They do understand, and surprisingly enough I understand them. As I write these words I come to the realization that it’s been 4 years since I met those folks and I haven’t made any real friends since then. So again, why do we or I refuse to make these connections. Certainly I’ve met people in the last 4 years, right? Yet none really important as all those previously mentioned. (One that comes close I feel close to only because his name and everything about him reminds me of a friends that is very sadly no longer just a phone call away.)

Just as the “you’re it!” earlier made me take a look at friendship and the part it’s played in my life. His goodbye gave me some more insight. “OK bye” and then he walked my way. “I made a friend dad” he exclaimed. Before we even made it to the elevator he had moved on. So I guess there’s just no pressure when we’re young because we haven’t dealt with loss yet. As I’ve grown older I guess I’m done wanting to invest too much of myself in someone I might lose. I will continue to treasure those in my very small circle of friends. All the while hoping it was still OK as adults to say “Want to be friends?”



Breakfast Or Lunch?


I hate going to sleep (early) before making to the next day, so for the most part an early dinner doesn’t really work for me. By these standards alone you figure I’d be a brunch person because one would assume I’d be in bed until late and well past breakfast hours. I’m sure eventually my body will thank me (I’m laughing sarcastically), but for now I’m up with the rising sun and on most days even before that ray of light.

So I’m hungry the moment I rise. Usually I prefer to fit in a run or a work out but definitely getting something in the tank is paramount. So with my son rising so late today I was starving. It was a day off other than my daily push ups and pull ups. A resolution of sorts thrown on top of my already busy cardio routine. I didn’t have much to do except read. “With The Old Breed” is an incredible read.

Finally he was up and lets just say I couldn’t have been happier. If you ever have the pleasure to be a guest in our home you’ll see there is absolutely nothing sweeter than the treasure that is Kalel especially in those first waking moments. “Good morning daddy” is music to my ears. Yes the day is young and I’m certain he will get my blood boiling once or more through out the day hit in that instant it magic. This time made even sweeter by the thoughts and smells I could already imagine as I’d been planning brunch for a couple of hours by now.

I made pancakes while getting the sausage ready in the oven. Once I was through carefully making each pancake the same size and thickness I whisked the eggs and got some toast ready. A process that I’m proud to say I have down to a science so neither the pancakes or eggs get cold. I served both a glass of OJ and apple juice (does anybody just say AJ, they should). I also had a small cup of coffee as I’m not trying to dehydrate too far the day before a long run.

Kalel absolutely lights up at the sight of the feast in front of him. We sat in front of the television and we discussed how it’d be a while before I made breakfast like this again because he was headed back to school come Monday. He just said he already knew but that it was OK because he loves it when I do. So overall I was glad to wait for brunch even though my preference leans toward breakfast. We enjoyed our meal and then finished off the last of the homework right on schedule. It was a nice winter break.

As I look at our spread and realize what time it I’m starting to get pretty hungry. Worse when I realize that since I’m running in the AM. I’m looking at another day of brunch as opposed to breakfast. Another reason still why I think sleep is over rated.

A Case Of The Mondays A Day Late.

I can’t really explain how we stayed up until we welcome the next day last night. I do know why though: we were still celebrating as my brother in law very graciously came to toast his sister with a very delicious double chocalte cake. The few minutes we were certain he’d stay quickly but enjoyably turned into hours.

The alarm went off and it meant Griselda was on her way back to work after about a week and a half off. Kalel though still has another week off and so we went to drop her off together. The sparse traffic was a reminder that although the holiday(s) are over the world is only slowly getting back to life.

Kalel had stayed up too, so when we got back home. I had time to fit in my work out as he finished off his “nap”. After I showered I threw together some breakfast. He then worked on his holiday homework packet. Then we were off to the movies to watch “Puss In Boots”. If he’s off on Tuesday it usually means movie day because you can’t beat $1.50 a show.

We then headed to the park because after leaving the theatre you couldn’t help to really fell lucky to be outside for this beautiful weather. It had been a while since he went to the park and he really does come alive when out doors. It’s like he truly feels free. I had a second run work out but he’s the one to ran and role played and just wore himself out.

It was overall a great day, yet as walked by strangers and they walked past me I could tell all the euphoria from the holidays is slowly leaving our consciousness. I guess that’s sign enough to get rid of the tree. On the to-do list for tomorow for sure.

What else is on the to-do list: a very daunting Spartan WOD that I received today via email. Even as I read I can’t help but think about how late it already is. Is there such a thing as an alarm to go to bed.I wouldn’t want to hit the snooze on that. I only wish I could sleep like that.