Steady Your Hearts…Choose Your Glory!!

i hadn’t been at the movies since i took a solo trip to the theater for “Wolf of Wallstreet”. i’m not sure how i managed to stay away for this long but I’m glad that dry spell is over. i think it was a good movie to break the rut too. “300: Rise of an Empire”. It won’t be winning any awards but it’s OK sometimes you just want to see some stuff blow up and bad assery at it’s finest.

i think it’s because at one point i was on the receiving end of one of those motivating speeches before going into battle that i can really appreciate those moments regardless of how cheesy it seems out of context of any real fear or danger for the audience.

obviously my battle was different and i was wearing just a tad bit more clothing but as any other warrior can tell you it’s not the size of your war that matters. the feeling just before it is what will forever stay with me. I guess it’s the overwhelming amount of time you hover in fight or flight mode that really does a number on how anything else will ever be experienced in our lives.

which brought me back to real life. i’ve expressed how my build up wears me down and i start seeing marathon in everything. well this movie really did a number on me. the first battle is actually the battle of marathon. the entire narrative of the movie is taking us towards Athens like that first marathon did so very long ago.

well that’s my two cents. i enjoyed the movie because i can check out when i walk through the door, if you’re already a fan then you will dig it. it’s not a pre-qual or a se-qual it’s more of a parallel story to the one of Leonidas and his 300.

#runstreak update. Day 100!!


A Case Of The Mondays A Day Late.

I can’t really explain how we stayed up until we welcome the next day last night. I do know why though: we were still celebrating as my brother in law very graciously came to toast his sister with a very delicious double chocalte cake. The few minutes we were certain he’d stay quickly but enjoyably turned into hours.

The alarm went off and it meant Griselda was on her way back to work after about a week and a half off. Kalel though still has another week off and so we went to drop her off together. The sparse traffic was a reminder that although the holiday(s) are over the world is only slowly getting back to life.

Kalel had stayed up too, so when we got back home. I had time to fit in my work out as he finished off his “nap”. After I showered I threw together some breakfast. He then worked on his holiday homework packet. Then we were off to the movies to watch “Puss In Boots”. If he’s off on Tuesday it usually means movie day because you can’t beat $1.50 a show.

We then headed to the park because after leaving the theatre you couldn’t help to really fell lucky to be outside for this beautiful weather. It had been a while since he went to the park and he really does come alive when out doors. It’s like he truly feels free. I had a second run work out but he’s the one to ran and role played and just wore himself out.

It was overall a great day, yet as walked by strangers and they walked past me I could tell all the euphoria from the holidays is slowly leaving our consciousness. I guess that’s sign enough to get rid of the tree. On the to-do list for tomorow for sure.

What else is on the to-do list: a very daunting Spartan WOD that I received today via email. Even as I read I can’t help but think about how late it already is. Is there such a thing as an alarm to go to bed.I wouldn’t want to hit the snooze on that. I only wish I could sleep like that.