Loyalty has an expiration date

“Loyalty has an expiration date”

I heard that on a celebrity Vlog the other day. You can google it and I’m sure you’ll see so much more this individual has been going on and on about in the last few days. He’s just had a pretty traumatic experience and I feel that he finds it therapeutic to help those that might have as much as him and I quote by “laying some knowledge down”.

Well back to the quote. What I took away from it is that there is a lot to be said about being loyal to those you care for. Family& Friends and various different relationships. Now that doesn’t mean that we should lose ourselves in any of those relationships. We would let most relationships go to levels of pain or happiness we let our friendships go to let alone what we at times allow family to go to.

I think it’s just because as a society we’ve been told what this totem pole of relationships looks like and been told which is more important. More so in my culture where family comes second only to our relationship with “God”. A notion I don’t fully embrace and not sure I ever will. (no judgement, I’ll write that post some other time).

So why then should I embrace family I have absolutely nothing in common with. I would never be friends with these people. In fact I did so only because of the convenience I suppose of our parents need to hang out with each other when we were children. Anyway, enough of a rant from on this day. Do you have family you wish you didn’t have to tolerate?



I didn’t think I’d make it, but now…… #Reverb 13 Day 31

At the end: What’s next for you?

2014 is almost here. 2013 was pretty great but of course it means we have to raise the bar.

Tomorrow will be the end of #RWrunstreak and after a shirt run I will have run for 35 days. From thanksgiving to the new year. I should be able to go back to days off on Fridays. Or I might just keep running at least 1 mile and keep this streak alive.

I’m also jumping on a #makefatcry challenge as well as continuing training for a spring marathon. From the looks of it a lot of calisthenics. Kicking off on the wife’s 33rd birthday. Might convince her to join me. She did join out on the road for a marathon.

Yet another challenge is reading more as well as writing more thanks to the #dailypost from WordPress. No set number of books but definitely not fall off the pace of some pretty stellar years 20 in 2012 and 24 in 2013. For writing it might help to write early and let it flow even if I don’t post until much later.

I then head back to work and have a great January to set the tone for money earning potential of the year. From working on scripts for sales calls and just getting our name out into the stratosphere. For your home buying/selling needs look for The Shafer Group LA every time.

I’m not going to list every single month. First I hate list and well. I don’t doubt my January being awesome I just can’t limit how awesome. So Happy New Year to all. What a month/year it has been.

I cut the chord for a year #Reverb13 Day 30

Relationships: Did you find a new best friend?  Delve deeper into an existing relationship?  Break up?  Get back together?

So this prompt made me think I missed something this year. Also makes me think that the year was so great because I kept everything pretty small with in my immediate family. I let my wife fill every role friends might have in the past. I guess you could say our bond grew stronger.

So I’ll focus on other relationships. I broke up with the “cable/satellite” company. This entire year I relied on the internet programming for all my TV entertainment. That really cleared up a lot of time for other stuff that filled up my year. I guess that’s how I managed to run 1200+ miles.

Sadly I made it through a year and now I’m thinking about getting back together. Hopefully before awards season. If not by then before football season. I’m convince my team lost just because I wasn’t watching all the games. That’s how it works right?

One more post and this Reverb13 is over. Kind of sad.

Well would you look at that… #Reverb13 Day 29

List posts are everywhere.  Top 10 Ways to be Happier Today.  Three Tips for More Energy.  Seven Ideas to Stay Focused.  Give us a list.

I’m not happy about this prompt. I’ve mentioned how annoying list are elsewhere on the internet. That said I appreciate The Reverb Project and so here’s my list for today. I take a lot of pictures so here are my top 12 favorite pictures I took in 2014. Yes one for every month.

January: New Year’s Race/Biltmore Hotel

It was like traveling back to a different time to an old school Los Angeles



February: Library time with K

Topanga Library after school because daddy is a bookworm. I don’t care what he reads so long as he continues to read.


March: Relaxing at Balboa Park/Lake in Encino

He is so active that I really appreciate when he slows down and it’s usually when I show him how beautiful the world truly is.



April: Dodger Stadium w/ Grandpa

Grandpa was turning 55 and each child had given him one grandkid



May: Motherhood Maternity after baseball

After a win for the WhiteSox we headed to the mall because Mommy finally gave in to needing some maternity clothes. I really needed to capture how grown my son really is.



June: Yum Yum Donut.

We took a trip to the donut shop for a celebratory donut on National Donut day. It’s always a no so he hadn’t been there in a while.



July: Santa Monica Pier

As a Tom Hanks fan he was certain he’d be BIG by morning.



August: Home

The last night before our beautiful daughter was born. She was born just hours later.



September: Home w/ the kids

My son loves his sister so much and it melts my heart to watch him with her.



October: Pizza Rev

After a Chicago win the boy and I went to Pizza Rev for pizza. Time alone with the boy is always nice.



November: Drive Thru

I got a lot of dirty looks because of my carpool buddy. This was the first of many on a very promising set of post around the house and elsewhere with Vader. My daughter loves this thing.



December: Santa Clause Lane

Last year K(1) was against a Santa picture. With the addition of K(2) he’s had a change of heart and we were on our way.



Thanks for stopping by, I apologize for the list. I really try and keep those to a minimum. Also, although I’d love to buy a better camera, I do believe the old adage that the best camera is the one you have with you.

Happy Birthday Marines #Reverb13 Day 28.

What moment in 2013 brought tears to your eyes?  Are you usually a crier?  Or did tearing up take you by surprise?

I’m definitely not a crier. In fact I’m usually trying to stop my wife from crying or just letting emotions overshadow what her message may be. Whether at work or even during arguments with me. I’m usually calm and collected except for one or two hot button issues.

That though went out the window on a morning in late October. I’m not really sure exactly what date. It was during the Marine Corps Birthday Message from the Commandant. I’m sure it was the images accompanying his voice over. Marines in garrison as well as those training for and in combat operations. I honestly can’t even really explained the feelings that came over me.

I do know that the tears were flowing from somewhere deep, deep inside. My Family was with in arms reach and my son quietly consoled me. I’m sure he’s probably only been witness to me anywhere near that distraught before, when my grandmother passed away. A little more than a year before hand. As I felt his hand on my arm and looked up I saw my wife holding my daughter and I was jerked back into reality and as much as I needed to see them I needed to be alone.

After what seemed like an eternity alone in the bedroom I didn’t even know how to return to my waiting family. I just walked out and after hugging me we went back to watching some other television and that was the last time that was brought up. I know now that it was probably the first time my son really got the idea about how I feel about my time in the Marine Corps. The truth is that it’s a whole lot of different ways and it will always be an important part of my life. As much as I’ve tried to move on from those years and all the things we saw and did it will always be somewhere deep inside.

I barely got up, somebody had a good laugh #Reverb13 Day 27

What was the funniest thing that happened this year?  Was it funny when it happened?  Or was it one of those things you laughed about later?

I fell. If you ask the wife, I fall a lot. I don’t think it’s that much but I sure fell this year. It was a short 4 mile run. So a very short maintenance run just to keep the blood flowing between long runs. I had it perfectly mapped. 1 1/2 mile by 1/2. I was just shy of 2 miles when I tripped on a an uneven part of the sidewalk. I was moving at quite a nice clip so bam you guessed it. I flew almost completely parallel to the ground before landing very hard on my water bottle. It knocked the wind out of me and it took what felt like an eternity to catch my breath.

It was long enough for me to really question how stupid it would be if I just killed myself during a run I believe will extend my life. Some dirty sidewalk in Van Nuys, CA and I didn’t even have my wallet with me. Can you imagine how long it would take for my family to find out and further more how sad to have survived a war only to die so close to home. All alone which is one of my biggest fears.

I finally caught my breath and rolled on to my back and stared at the sky before assessing the damage. I sat up and looked around for my phone i managed to throw over to the patch of grass closest to me. I dialed for G to pick me up because I couldn’t imagine continuing my run. Of course my luck: no answer. I hobbled around for a bit before hobbling the 2nd 2 home. My hip was killing me and I did run with a bit of pain for days after that.

It was hilarious as soon as I couldn’t feel anymore pain. G has teased me with the incident for months now. I really laugh at how terrified I was at the whole thing. Here’s to fall free running in 2014.

I remember this one time…. #Reverb13 Day 26.

Tell us about five moments you don’t want to forget from 2013.

Everything leading up to the birth of our beautiful baby girl. Everything about it. I remember finding out she would be a little girl. I want to remember seeing my wife glow with happiness for days to come. From the days leading up to her birth that were a bit frightening. Every detail of the actual day. She woke us up and our trek across town as a family. The overwhelming amount of emotions I thought I would keep at bay when first laying eyes on her. Then even more so when finally getting both my children in the same room.

A summer at home with my family of 3. We had a nice run the 3 of us. No matter where life leads us in 2014 it will never be the same. I do believe it’s for the better but still it was just the 3 of us for almost 8 years. It was a special bond that I’m not sure words could truly describe.

The joy of not one but two Marathon finish lines. Really staying committed with my running has brought me so much. I’ve been running for a few years but always as part of a group and although I love company on a long run. I love the solitude of running alone. The bulk of my runs were done solo and so the joy of crossing that line is mine. With that said every finish line I cross is a little sweeter when my family is there to celebrate the struggle with me.

Feeling very excited and nervous bordering on terrified on the first day of a new job. Earlier in the year I left a full time job. Pay wasn’t anything life changing but it was consistent. So leaving was terrifying but the only option for my sanity. It wasn’t normal work stress. I mean as a Marine I experience stress that will be hard to match at a civilian work place. This was about personal respect and dignity. Fast forward to the end of the year. I’m employed before the year ended and it should be a great 2014 but I need to always remember what I felt like on that first day and what it meant to me to get back in the work force.

What I believe to be the last Christmas my son will still really believe in Santa Claus. 2o12 I didn’t even get him on Santa’s lap. This year he hopped in because we asked him to so his sister wouldn’t be scared. He’s asking all the right questions and also his list is getting to the point where of course I should get more credit than the fat guy. It doesn’t help that he’s one of two 8 year olds in 4th grade. He’s in class with some 10 year olds that are truly past it. I’ll try and keep Santa alive in 2014 but just in case I want to remember his face lighting up because Santa came through on a couple of gifts I told him I didn’t think he needed.