what a shot

we can’t have all great days.

just like boxers or fighters scramble so that the last thing the judges see is there effort.

this day ended in a kind of a crazy scramble.

long and productive day.

a short run for day 73 of #runstreak.

then a weird argument with the boy, right before bed.

will he remember dad ‘being mean’

I know I will remember him not being appreciative of everything else he enjoyed during the day.

enough rambling for today. I sent him to bed and we spoke about understanding where he was wrong and tomorrow being a new day. I guess we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

I’ll be running farther so at least that’s going to be better.


Use your Damn blinker

Today was day 55. I ran 3 miles. 9:43 average pace. I can not believe how great I felt considering that I’m still technically in recovery for my  31 miles between Saturday and Sunday.

I ran one yesterday but of course just 1 mile to recover.

I can’t believe that I still manage to get a run in this evening despite the pressures/stress of my day.  ( I’ll be the first to admit that I really can’t complain about my day)

The rest of the country is buried under snow but I’m sitting just miles from the beach on a gorgeous, gorgeous day.  Yet I spent  a total of 5 hours behind the wheel and stuck in traffic for various reasons. Poor planning on my part I know but still just as important.

So good night on this weird Monday/Tuesday combo we dealt with today. Tomorrow has to be better.

Did you have “Traffic” today? Also if so what are some tips you may have for dealing with the time spent in traffic?

Rise and shine, is it 4:30 yet…..?

it’s 10 at night and I’m still after started this day quite early. I’m afraid tomorrow will be an even earlier start.

I had quite a day. It kicked off with a nice run around my neighborhood. I kicked off off my run just a few minutes after 6:30 am. Tomorrow I hope to step off by 4:30 am.

Tomorrow I’ll have a running partner, which should make the 20 miles easier to bear. It definitely got me thinking about this mornings run. It was 7:30 before I ran across the first person. When I finally did, I said good morning. I was a bit confused about the smile I received since it was what I thought kind of in a mocking manner.

They were glad about my almost having been run over. Or perhaps relieved. Either way I couldn’t help but wonder about #megsmiles it’s the reason many more people were up and running early on a Saturday morning. Her time on this planet ended by a drunk driver.

I felt a deep sense of loss with out ever having met her. My heart nearly stops every time I have a close call. The thought of her fear right before impact was terrifying. I wondered how her time was between impact and ultimately losing her life.

My heart goes out to her family. Husband and to her 3 children left behind.

So be careful my friends and keep running but be mindful because you can’t win a battle with a car. Enjoy your run but look up and make eye contact with drivers when ever you can.


I’m not on a diet, I’m training! #Reverb13 Day 22.

What uphill battle did you keep fighting and fighting in 2013?  Are you going to keep fighting it or let it go?  Why?

Today was day 25 of a #RWrunstreak. The challenge is to run at least one mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. I suppose it wouldn’t be that difficult but of course on most days I have to run more than a mile because I’m also training for my first marathon on 2014. The Los Angeles Marathon will take place on March 9th, 2014, yet training kicked off in October of 2013.

Today I ran 16 miles. It’s a pretty middle distance run for me. Not quite the 20 that I’ll run a few weeks before the big day but about 2/3 longer than I run on most days. Sundays also mean hills for me. Today for example my running partner and I ran uphill for the first 7 miles of our run. So I guess what I’m saying is that I know hills. They hurt but it’s the only way you grow stronger.

In life it seems no matter how miles I run, even the miles I log on the hills. I can’t seem to outrun my bad eating habits. Since getting home I’ve eaten a left over slice of pizza, tamales, cookies, coffee (with sugar) and then for a late lunch some Chicken Alfredo and even drank a beer. Now I’ll admit not every day is like that and on most days I do try and make conscious decisions about what I eat. After a day like this I feel like I have failed and I know that’s not the case after running 16 miles but again that’s my uphill battle. I think in 2014 I’ll finally make it to the summit and get my nutrition in check as well as reach my goals as far as weight. I know this will in turn mean PR’s to come. So I have to keep fighting.

If you need a hand, I don’t mind at all #Reverb13 Day 21.

What thing did you keep encountering this year over and over again?  Was it something you learned from, or was it just a strange coincidence?

I think I called 9-1-1 more times this year than I had in my entire life. Oddly enough out of the 6 times I dialed for cops to come “assist” me. Only one time did they show up fast enough to actually help anyone.

Two of them were accident scenes and I waited and waited and actually left before any police arrived. One of those was a bicyclist victim of a hit and run. The other a fender bender with a big language barrier, leaving both parties very frustrated.

The other four were fights. One brother pair, one pair of friends and two couples. The loudest and actually most dangerous in my opinion were the two couples. In the first instance the female was almost ran over the boyfriend and was probably justified because he was pretty violent with the hood of the car. I’m glad she was able to drive away. The second couple were just really vicious with their words and yet both parties seemed to want the other to escalate it.

In all three mentioned incidents (except the brothers we’ll get to that soon) it just took my saying something so that the party on the verge of breaking a law was snapped back into reality. I was yelled at a couple times and called some names I’m not even sure made any sense. Now the brothers were actually beating on each other. I saw them from fairly far away as I ran in their direction. (All these incidents interrupted a run). By the time I got to them one party had taken control and I simply had to end the fight. I did just that and then believe it or not the losing party actually had the ugliest response.

That one really made me think about being a good samaritan and about helping someone who obviously needed some help. I’m always the guy who stops because I’d never want to feel completely alone with so many people moving about. I pull over to help change a tire. Like I said though these guys really made me question myself but at the end of the day I figured I gave them something to agree on and that may have saved them from years of being pissed off at each other.




2014 is going to be MY YEAR because… I’m convinced every year will be. Why wouldn’t it be? I love how #’s look and well 2014 has my birthday in it. 2/14/2014 I’ll be turning 33. This has to be my year.

In 2014, I am going to do… 3 marathons. I did 2 this year and I just need to figure out when to squeeze in a 3rd. If not official I’ll throw in a 26.2 mile “training” run just because.

In 2014, I am going to feel… everything that I can. I’m going to feel pain, because “it is a reminder I’m alive” I’m going to feel good about how far I’ve come.

In 2014, I am not going to… keep thinking about the year we left behind. It was great but we have to make the next one better. Just as I can’t punish myself for past mistakes. My triumphs can’t define or overshadow future successes.

In December 2014, I am going to look back and say… Wow that just happened? I am so glad I did not let fear cripple me and just went for it. I still miss our old place though.

Inspiration is as filling as thick crust #Reverb13 Day 10.

What inspired you this year? How can you turn off your auto-pilot button in 2014? 10 things you were thankful for in 2013?

We’re just half way through December and therefore this Reverb project. The thing with it this year is that there are a few seperate lists of prompts. I’ve simply used copy/paste from all three list I came across before December. What I see today is that the first prompt is exactly the same as another of the list previous post. So “who inspired me this year?” was already answered yesterday and I must say I’m pretty proud of that post. “Nine going on 15”

I’m not sure I quite understood the prompt about auto-pilot but here is my best stab at it. I think auto-pilot for me or anyone is the vices that keep coming back as if we had no control of the. For me the way I eat. Even when I should know better. With the amount of running and just overall working out that I do. I should have learned by now how what I eat has a direct effect on how I feel. During and after each work out. Yet I couldn’t seem to get that under control in 2013. That is the button I will be turning off. I vow to make it a point to turn off the auto pilot and make conscious decisions. When I do falter I won’t let that turn into the norm and understand that any progress is progress regardless of how small it may seem.

Lastly 1o things I’m grateful for. Before I start I will confess that I’m kind of over the list articles that came out almost daily throughout the year. So here is my list and I hope this Reverb doesn’t have me doing many more and that 2014 has “professional” journalist getting away from being lazy with lists instead of insightful articles.

1. My family : extended and especially immediate family.(This one can be the entire list on it’s own really)

2. Friends that make an effort to stay in touch : I’m great at this so I dislike those that don’t bother

3. My health : I’ve easily ran over 1200 miles this year. The most painful miles. The ones missed.

4. My job : Fairly new deal as far as the year is concerned but 2013 will always be the beginning.

5. Attitude : I kind of love the way I see/think of life. It’s truly a gift.

6. Music : There’s a song out there for just about anything and anyway you might be feeling or want to feel

7. Books : Just like music there is so much knowledge/love/pain/life that can be had if you crack open a book

8. People I met : this year that will now always be a part of my life. As well as those that came and are gone.

9. Life : As I write this list I can’t help but remember a list of things I swore I would do “IF” I made it home.

10. Finally I’m glad this list is over. Not the most fun to write but I hope not the worst thing you all could have read. Here’s to an even better 2014.