I Need A Book Preferably Not About Showers.


The New Year is well on it’s way. Just like the first year with a new baby it is filled with a lot of first. My first run. A few quick 800 m intervals due to time constraints. For Kalel his first day back at school. Still a few days away giving us a full extra week of bro bonding time. My first disapoointment in how much crap it is that family judges you more than strangers(friends) do when you’re down. Quickly getting me stressed out, something, you may know by now, I avoid like the plague. 

So I quickly looked for what I wasn’t taking care of leaving me open for something as silly (since I shouldn’t be shocked by family being crippling and dream/soul crushers). It couldn’t have been my running. I did that and picked up on my other work out since the Spartan Race is only 3 1/2 weeks out. Then it clicked, I haven’t read anything. I’m usually buried in a book (when not running or grabbing dirt). So far THIS year not a single page read. 

So what should I read. I have a few ideas and they’re narrowed down because I have only a couple unread books left in my possesion. So for now I’m going to read “With The Old Breed”. It’s one of the two books used in adapting the story and history for “The Pacific” on HBO. If I hurry I can still turn that into a resolution of a chapter a day. I will also start any other book anyone suggest, I really do believe word of mouth and so if I haven’t gotten any other suggestion by Friday I’ll be also starting/reading “The Hunger Games Trilogy”. 


Now I wonder if this will get as much response as an earlier FB status/tweet did. After a more than taxing work out. I jumped in the shower. Kalel had showered before me and so for some reason (taking me back to my childhood home) we didn’t have any hot/warm water. I was hesitant to jump in but when done I had absolutely the best shower in a long time (see tweet above). I shared that as I do a lot of other information links, videos, and miscellaneous. Unlike the daily posts I’ve been sharing this of course got a lot of flak. I quickly realized all the friends that responded have moved atleast their minds into the gutter. I laughed for as long as the conversation carried on. Not always fueld by MY responses.