So I was thinking…

i think it’s funny how late i stay up sometimes.

i also find it very funny that it’s usually on days that i have every intention to go to bed as early as possible.

tonight i got sidetracked by another episode of House of Cards. have any of you finished the entire second season. I’m semi binge watching. I’ve managed to watch no more than two episodes in one sitting and since I’m watching only the wife is around It’s taken us a few days and we’re still not done.

then is started thinking about how we even watch TV together. I have shows I watch alone (mostly movies) and she has shows that she watches on her own i.e. TLC i can’t stand some of those shows. I think it’s her having to zone out from the stressful job.

which tv viewer are you? do you like stuff that engages you or do you zone out with TV?

I’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned that it’s been some time since I’ve cut the chord so only via netflix and hulu does anyone have any recommendations. Someone suggested the “tudors” so that might be something I get into.

back to the sleeping or lack of. perhaps if I plan to stay up all night I might not make it. I also wish it was OK to fall asleep on the couch. I feel like I get up from the couch and I’m refreshed by the time i’m in bed and it’s either toss and turn or wake the wife up.

as you can see I do a lot of thinking sitting in the dark.

#runstreak update Day 85 : 3mi  15 more days to go till race day.



1 sheep 2 sheep, algebra……

it’s 11PM I really should be in bed seeing as I’m getting up at 3AM (probably won’t get up until 3:30AM) to run my last 20 miler before the marathon.

I know I’m going to pay for the “decision” to stay up late. I really don’t what I could have done differently today to try and get sleepy at an appropriate time. I was up pre dawn for a 10 miler. I drank coffee after my run but still fairly early in the day and it shouldn’t have affected anything.

so I’m writing this with hopes that really putting it down on writing how important is to fall asleep is.

do any of you have trouble falling asleep sometimes? for what seems like no reason at all. I bet the light coming from the computer has something to do with it now but between that and the first episode of House of Cards (I did so well not to binge watch the whole thing.

Are any of you done? No spoilers please but should I binge and if not will it be awesome to take 12-13 weeks to watch it. I might get closer to the start date for Orange is the New Black.

OK I just yawned so adios folks I think I might finally get some rest. I would do a happy dance but I’m afraid it would totally wake me up.