#projectreflect12 ~ December 14, 2012: Remember Me

December 14: Remember Me

Perhaps you did something this year that made you stick out among the crowd. What is one thing you did in 2012 that you want people to remember you by? Additionally, is there anything that happened this year that you don’t want to be remembered by?


I want to be remembered this year and every year after this as someone who made a difference in somebody's life. I'm honored and lucky enough to be a father and well I think I've been given a gift of being responsible for giving this world a productive and even kinder version of myself. I've dedicated this year to being kind to those people that surround me and my family. 

I want to be remembered as the type of person who helps out and lends a hand in any way he can. I may not be in the position to provide financial help that I know is sometimes crucial but in the time I can give my time and serve the community that I live in. By doing so teaching my son that this is the only way to live life. He won't have to work hard at it he'll be raised that way. 

I don't want to be remembered as the parent of someone the world will view as a burden but as a special person. Someone who will make a huge difference in the world. Hopefully inspired by my small part in the ripple that is a good deed. 


#projectreflect12 ~ December 13, 2012: Loss

December 13: Loss

We’ve all experienced loss at some point in our lives, whether it was the loss of a loved one or a family pet, or maybe you lost something that was deeply important to you that you can’t get back. Did you experience loss in 2012? What was it, and how did it affect you emotionally?


Dear Grandma, 

I miss you! I've been thinking a lot about you these last couple of weeks as I reflect on my year. A few days ago I wrote about how awful I felt at my behavior those last couple of days. I am so sorry and I know I will for the rest of my life live with those decisions. I find myself finding solace in the fact that in turn I will also never be allowed to forget you.

I've discussed your passing with many friends. Some that knew of you and some that didn't have the pleasure of meeting you and what I got from both groups is that you'll never really leave me so long as I don't forget you. So as I do with everything important in my life I'll write about it. Except that as writing my post about you a few days back was excruciating. I decided to write to you. I'm torn about religion as you very well know. What I do know is that you believe. So then, I should believe you can read this. 

Karl turned 7 this year on your birthday! He had an amazing day and just as you might imagine we wished you a happy birthday as well. As we now prepare for our first Holiday season with your smiles and stolen pictures (because I know how much you hated taking them). I'll add that I really hope everyone can keep it together. My mom misses you so much. 

I hope this is the first of many letters. Although I'm sure I won't be sharing many others. 

Your loving grandson,


#projectreflect12 ~ December 12, 2012:


December 12: A Blogger’s Prerogative

Since you’re following these prompts, you’re more than likely a blogger. Was there a time this year where you received a comment on a blog post that made you want to just throw in the blogging towel and shut down your blog? Maybe you deleted the comment but it’s still bugging you. Call that person out (but not by name) and tell them how their comment made you feel! And if you haven’t gotten any particularly rude comments, write to someone that pissed you off! Get it all out!


I am a blogger. I can't say that I was hurt or angered by any specific comments this year. I didn't do much writing as fas as "CallejasThinks" is concerned. On other more personal writing any comments would mean a lot more. 

What I do admit to is to a few different people really upsetting me this year. I'd like to point out that every single one of these instances I racked my mind trying to figure out where I went wrong! So as I tried and think who this letter should be addressed to, I decided it was for me. 

Dear Jose,

I'm disappointed man! As upset as you were at different times this year nothing compares to how you handled some of these situations. I don't like the time you spent being angry. Time flies by as it is, with out you wasting time feeling like crap for something we have no control of. You're usually so positive and it has brought you this far. Lets not start a downward spiral into hate.

So here's to taking a breather the next time someone upsets me. So that I don't give anyone the power to dictate my day. I may not be able to completely control everything but I will do my best 

#projectreflect12 ~ December 11, 2012: Bookworm



December 11: Bookworm

Did you read a book this year that changed your life? What was it? What was it about? Would you recommend it to other people? Additionally, did you read a book that was absolutely terrible and left you wondering why the heck you read it?


I read quite a few books this year. I did not quite make my goal of 24 books but more than doubled the number of books I read in 2011. I’m actually only five books short of my goal and by end of year I should be done with my current read “No Easy Day” I guess I could try and sneak in an extra four books. Yet that’s not how or why I read.

I read to escape. I travel along side the characters in my books. I feel their pain and their happiness. I am really moved or disgusted depending on the tone or direction the author wants to take me in. I try and imagine how someone might feel as they read words I’ve so meticulously picked to tell my story. It really is an experience for me and so my goal of 24 books was a bit ambitious but more of a reminder to read, always.

Out the 20 books I lived this year the one that really was quite special was “The Art of Racing in the Rain”. I have to admit that with the title I expected a fast paced book and turns and crashes and any other pun you might imagine. It did take a little while to get going. In fact I began reading this book at the beginning of the year. I then misplaced it for months before getting back to it. I actually only went to finish it because I hate leaving books halfway through. (why I’ve read a lot of crappy books along with the gems) I’m looking at you Nicholas Sparks. 

I came back to it and realized as the main character in the book had mentioned “only those who are ready” I guess when I didn’t fine the book until I was ready to read what old Enzo had to say. Enzo is a dog, only he is/was so much more than that. I’d say this book is about perspective and life and how one life affects so many. It also made me think about how difficult communication can be between people not just pets. Whether it’s an age gap or gender gap. All that is lost between folks when communication is non existent. 

This was one of the many books I’ve turned the last page feeling like I’ve been given knowledge beyond what I deserved and feel helpless when those around me are just going about their business. I want to share and how could they ever understand. It took so long for me to understand. Months because I almost walked away from a great book. I wonder what I what I would be missing had I never finished reading it. 

Have any of you read it? What are your thoughts? Will you read it? Any books you’re certain I should read. I’m always, always game for book recommendations.


#projectreflect12 ~ December 10, 2012: Ten Words


December 10: Ten Words

Rather than picking just one word to describe 2012, what are 10 words that you can use to describe 2012? Why did you choose these words, and how do they make you feel? If you can’t pick 10, pick as many as you can come up with. Are there any words for 2012 that you don’t want to see in 2013? Additionally, are there any words you wanted to use for 2012 but didn’t?


Eventful – I had so many wonderful events. From races to fundraisors I spent just about every weekend with friends or family and sharing in life and all it’s glory. 

Exciting – The night before my races is a rollercoaster of emotions. Yet over all it’s an excitement that I’m certain will never get old. 

Busy – The time it takes to maintain the endurance for all these events does not go unnoticed. Add a full time job to the mix and we’re talking two full time jobs.

Sad – I lost my grandmother this year. I will never forget the pain I felt during those final good byes. 

Memorable – A lot of first happened this year, as well as a lot of last. I spent some pretty amazing days remembering those lost. Trying to keep those memories alive even though they aren’t with us physically.

Speeding – I just started reflecting on 2012 a full 10 days has passed us by. Perfect example of what this year did. 

Sweaty – Have you read any of my post. I make it a point to sweat just about every day. 

Satisfying – I really loved this year and am overall satisfied with my accomplisments. 

Crossroads – I’ve really had to look at what is going on with my life and if I’d continue on the road I’m on or if it’s time to make a turn. 

Gone – This year is gone of course and as I look back I’m grateful but I can’t wait to see what 2013.

I don’t want to see the word “sad” next year. Every other word I want back next year. I also want to add “travel” to it. & “succesful”. Here’s to 2013, Cheers!!!!!! 

#projectreflect12 ~ December 9, 2012: Happy Days


December 9: Happy Days

Sometimes, there is just one day out of 365 that is just so amazing, that you’re just blissfully *happy*, even when things don’t go your way. Has there been a day this year that sticks out in your mind, where you’ve just been so happy that you had to shout it from the rooftops? What happened? What made that day better than any other day in 2012?


I had many happy days this year. None as happy as I felt the day before the marathon. The Los Angeles Marathon is still my baby as it comes to races. It was my first marathon. The one I grew up reading about. This year was the 3rd time I was running the 26.2 miles that makes it’s way from “stadium to the sea”. 

This year though I was running it with my wife. Since the previous November we’d been training diligently and it was about to pay off. Kalel came with the both of to the expo this time. The first year we all came together but he found only one name on the vehicle. The second year it was actually just him and I and mommy at work. So to have her there and picking up a bib of her own was incredible.

We completed the show of love for our son by making our race bibs match with the corresponding Kalel’s dad, and Kalel’s mom. They were a hit at the expo as well as the following day as we covered the marathon distance. Which by the way one might think is the happiest day. Not by far for me. What was amazing to me was the time spent together with my wife. We got closer than we’d been in quite some time.

#projectreflect12 ~ December 8, 2012: Practice Makes Perfect

December 8: Practice Makes Perfect

Some things get better over time. Maybe you started something like Couch to 5K in the beginning of the year, and now you’ve run your first marathon. Perhaps you couldn’t boil water, and now you’re a gourmand in the kitchen. What is something you started in the beginning of 2012 that you can now do better at the end? How was the journey along the way?



If I started one thing this year was trying to take pictures other than of my food. For one I’m not fully content about what I’m eating. (A project destined to take shape in 2013) I am though amazed at how beautiful our everyday surrounding can be. Since I see a lot of while walking or running alone I thought I’d take picture of what I saw around me and post those result.


As the year kicked off I started with a project a picture a day. I was full of energy and then trying to take the perfect picture everyday, became a tiresome task instead of the fun. Simply setting my own internal rules about what needed to happen or not did wonders and now I may only take one or two a week but I feel when I’m inspired to take one it’s for a good reason.


It’s not an easy task because as it is with my writing I’m really self conscience of what anyone person might feel/think/need to say whethere it’s bad or now. Yet, as the year passed I look forward to the next best thing to photograph. I can see this being a thing that only gets better as 2013 rolls in and knocks at our door