Everyone should Delurk

Since I started started this blog about 5 months ago, I’ve written about a few different things. Ranging from some back story on ME, or just the event of that day. After the original task of writing every day for 21 days it did get tougher to post on a daily basis. I tapered back to at least once a week and then just about any time something inspired me or I felt compelled to stop and sit and write.

Once I started writing, I found others like me online that put there thoughts on line for others to read. Some have quite a following but more often than not, they are like me writing for the love of writing and just staking claim to their little piece of the internet. I’ve found many great blogs too many of them to list. Maybe one of these days I’ll post a list of my favorites and perhaps maybe a little of why so as to avoid the rut of reading random lists online.

I will mention one today though because after reading it this morning it did provide the idea for this post here.


It turns out today is Delurking Day 2011. Just like I read blog after blog, adding some to my reader but more often than not just reading and thinking “great” with out taking the time to say so. Well today she said is a day to take the time and come out of hiding from the blogger and saying “hi”. I proceeded to let her know I enjoyed reading her blog and shared my blog with her. Now I’m taking the time to put up the same challenge here on my blog.

Please if only for today take the time to like this post or follow my blog. Leave a comment, tell me what you think. Or simply tell me a little bit about yourself or some other blogs online that I might enjoy reading. Or videos I might like to watch.

I’d also like to add that if possible you take some time and tell me how you found this post in the first place.  I usually see the views climbing but don’t know who’s out there.

Some of the things I’ve discovered I like recently is taking pictures. (I’m posting on a daily basis on OWOP). I’ve taken quite a few as I’m logging the miles in my marathon training.

So here’s to meeting some of you soon. Either way with this post I’m also declaring a new commitment to post at least every other day. Any suggestions as to how to get going on that challenge would be greatly appreciate it.

So again every one “Delurk”